Thursday, January 08, 2015

Everybody, let’s ROCK!

Some randomish thoughts for this frigid Thursday morn…

  • I’m sitting here at my desk listening to Elvis singing “Jailhouse Rock”.  Today, The King would have been 80 years old.  I’m celebrating by listening to the Essential Elvis playlist on my Spotify web player.  And I might watch one of my Elvis movies tonight in his honour.

  • Spotify = my favourite discovery of the week.  I’ve heard other bloggers talking about it forever, but never bothered looking into it. Until now. It’s been a quiet, lonely week in the office for me, but that allows me to turn on my computer speakers and work with music playing.  Spotify has been my saving grace.
  • Especially today. Elvis Day.

elvis 80

  • Do you have a favourite Elvis movie?  Mine has always been Blue Hawaii – my mom introduced it to me at a young age, and it just never gets old for me.  It is the main reason I want to visit Hawaii someday.  (Would I be so lucky as to have a tour guide as handsome as Chad Gates?!?)  However, Mom and I watched it over the holidays, so I’ll likely select a different one from my collection to watch tonight – or perhaps one of his concert specials.

blue hawaii

  • If I DO watch an Elvis flick tonight, it would be a departure from the norm for me as of late.  Remember last Christmas, when I got hooked on a Criminal Minds marathon that Bravo was showing?  Well, of course I couldn’t watch them all, but I PVR’d the ones I didn’t get to see – literally hours and hours of Criminal Minds - and I’ve been slowly working my way through them during and since this past holiday season.  It’s amazing how addicted I can get to a show.  If I didn’t watch any CM tonight, it would be the first time I hadn’t since Dec. 27th.

criminal minds

  • Ah, Dec. 27th.  That was the day I came down with a cold.  A cold that I fought hard, but eventually succumbed to.  It wasn’t a terrible cold that kept me down much – all in the head, lots of sinus congestion and pain, but otherwise felt fine – however, it has definitely been the worst cold I’ve had in over 2 years.  I was starting to think I was immune to sickness.  Apparently not.  It’s still clinging to me, over 2 weeks later.
  • Do you guys know what the worst part about the holidays was?  No Jimmy.  Jimmy Fallon went on holidays, too, of course, and I missed him dearly.  It’s been so good to have him back this week.  And this segment with Nicole Kidman might be one of my favourites ever.  He is just so darn cute!

  • Oh, and the other worst part about the holidays?  Over-eating.  I know, I know.  When will Jill ever LEARN?!  But my God, the holiday treats are soooo gooood. I packed on a good 10 lbs at least (I have not weighed myself in weeks, I can just tell by how my clothes are fitting.  And the fact that I ripped the ass out of my PJ pants on Monday.)
  • I was supposed to get back on track this week, but it’s been difficult.  I keep getting tempted by the lingering remnants of holiday delicacies… I’m contemplating doing a 7-Day Cleanse Diet next week (the one that goes with that old cabbage soup recipe) – I need to do a “re-set” and get myself back in the zone again.  Once I’m in the zone, I know I’ll be fine, but I have to get there first…
  • Have I mentioned how frickin’ cold it is here these days?  SO.COLD.  I love Winter – really, I do – but I’m good with normal cold.  Like, –10 would suffice.  It was –40 this morning with the windchill.  TOO.COLD.  So cold that my garage door opener wouldn’t work and I had to yank the door open manually.  ugh.  #firstworldproblems
  • One last thing before I close – I know today is Elvis Day, but I can’t get enough of Ed Sheeran’s new song, “Thinking Out Loud”.  I could listen to it over and over.  Definitely my current favourite song!

Happy Thursday, gang!!


Stacy said...

HAHA in your face with regards to your garage door not opening. I'm just saying this after last night's conversation about how you are not allowed to complain about anything! HAHA! It was def another scary morning and I actually started my car THREE times this morning!

Stacie said...

OK, I'll stop whining about our 8 degrees here today and remind myself that -40 is way worse!

Mrs. Match said...

Aww, I hope you feel better soon. Everyone in my household is sick and it's just lingering. UGHHH. The silver lining has been a Harry Potter marathon and baby snuggles. :-)