Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Loves!

Happy Hump Day, pals!

It’s still cold.  Like, really really cold.  Which I sorta don’t mind, as long as I don’t have to go out in it.  Unfortunately, there’s this little thing called work, and thus I’m forced out the door into these frigid temps.  (I know, only 3 days a week for me this time of year, so I can’t complain!  I can hear you, Stace! LOL)

Anyways… between the cold, and going through a bit of a January slump (the post-holiday let-down is trying to get me) – I decided to cheer myself up this morning by thinking of the things I’m loving right now.  Here we go!

  • I’m currently loving unflavoured coffee, with just a splash of milk.  This is a new thing for me.  I mean, I’ve loved coffee for a long time, but I’ve always been the flavoured coffee lover.  Any new flavour that came along, I wanted to try, and considered my favourites anything with Hazlenut or French Vanilla.  I let go of sugar and sweeteners last year, but the fact that I now just want a good strong cup of plain ol’ coffee is weird.  But that’s what I’m loving.  Specifically, the McDonalds k-cups.


  • In keeping with hot beverages… I’m also loving sipping on a giant mug of hot chocolate, either in the afternoon at my desk, or in the evenings while watching TV.  (sometimes both!)

hot chocolate

  • I’m loving my new thermal socks.  Yes, these days, I’m all about keeping warm, and my new thermal socks are helping big time!  They are so thick and cozy.  Like walking on pillows.

thermal socks

  • I LOVE the book I’m reading!  It’s our next book club selection, Emily Giffin’s new one, “The One & Only”, which my brother-in-law gave to me for Christmas.  I started reading it late last week and I’m almost done it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime because I can’t stop reading, but this book is doing that to me.  “Just one more chapter…”

the one and only

  • I totally love my new chocolate-brown, warm, luxurious throw from Chapters that my Aunt Marion gave me for Christmas.  It goes perfectly with the new decor in my room, and I’ve been enjoying wrapping up in it at night while I read in bed.


  • You know who I adore?  Penelope Garcia.  OK, so we all know that I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds lately, but I’ve decided I want to be more like Garcia.  (and if that’s the main thing that has rubbed off on me from watching too much Criminal Minds, then we should all be grateful.) Not only do I want to be more efficient and on the ball like she is, but also just more… colourful and happy!  I want to go buy colourful pens and sticky notes and note pads and stickers and spruce up my workspace to make it a more cheerful and fun place to sit all day.  And I want to start painting my nails funky colours and wearing fun earrings regularly again.  I just want to be bright & shiny, like her!


  • I love my GT jeggings.  I bought them last Friday, and I wore them all weekend.  The LOOK of jeans, with the COMFORT of leggings.  The creator of jeggings is a genius.  And I don’t care if they were $12 jeggings from GT.  I love them.


  • As I’ve been making my way through Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory, I’ve been reminded of just how much I love Sheldon.  One of my stranger loves, yes, but I do.  I love Sheldon.


  • I LOVE planning what I want to make in the kitchen on my Mondays & Fridays off!  I haven’t really had a chance to get at it yet, but I have visions of giant pots of soup and chili and spaghetti sauce and homemade bread… YUM!!
  • Ed Sheeran.  Oh, how I love Ed Sheeran.  And I know I’ve already talked about it recently, but this song?  I could listen to it over and over.  It totally makes my day.

So… what are YOU loving this Wednesday? :)


Stacy said...

I do love Garcia...she is such a bubbly, colorful person for sure!

ShannonJMc27 said...

Hahaha it's funny because you've always reminded me of Garcia actually! I'm thinking I should borrow some books from you lol you always seem to have great recommendations and Stacy calls you her librarian :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, I love that my mom and dad love Sheldon. That's their favorite show to watch together (aside from the Blacklist). And it cracks me up about them.

Nicole said...

Totally LOVING that song! You sooo keep me in tune with great tunes! Wow, that was a weird sentence. Anyway do you make your hot chocolate with your Keurig?

Stacie said...

We caved and got an Amazon Prime membership for the free shipping over the holidays and it comes with all of these free movies and shows that you can stream. We have been sucked into watching 24, which we never watched when it was on TV and have been watching numerous episodes in an evening to try to get through entire seasons. I say we are having a "Jill" time!