Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014: The Songs I Loved

Well, kids, it’s that time of year… The time of year when everyone’s coming up with their yearly reviews and “Best Of” lists.  I thought I’d join in the fun with Helene in Between’s link-up today with a list of my favourite songs of the year.

When I think back on 2014, my favourites start coming to mind, and it becomes a rather eclectic mix, if I do say so myself – many are mainstream, but some were little hidden gems, and quite a few were introduced to me by my boyfriend Jimmy Fallon. 

Here we go!

“Best Day of My Life” by American Authors

I’m not sure if it’s considered a 2013 or 2014 hit, but I declared it my 2014 Anthem back last January, so I’m counting it.  Infectious, upbeat, great lyrics… it was one of those songs that when it came on the radio, it made me smile every single time.  Never got old.

“Scare Away The Dark” by Passenger

I don’t think this one got the airplay that “Let Her Go” did, but when I saw him perform it acoustically on Fallon, it was instant love for me.  In some ways, it’s been a dark, dark year – it feels like it’s been bad news upon bad news – but this song really makes me feel like if we all teamed up, we could, as he says, “scare away the dark”.

“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

This song was special to me, because I “discovered” it.  OK, so maybe I didn’t actually, but it felt like I did.  I saw Iggy perform it on Late Night With Seth Meyers what seemed like eons before it started getting play on the radio.  It felt like I had it downloaded and worn right out by the time everyone else caught on to it!

“Boom Clap” by Charli XCX

Every time I hear this song, I will forever think of my then-5-year-old niece Danica belting this at the top of her little lungs in the back seat of my car when it come on the radio one day this summer.  Cutest thing ever.

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

I know there are a lot of T.Swift haters out there, but c’mon, dudes.  How could you not dance around and sing loud to this one?

“Me & You” by Jake Bugg

Introduced to me by my brother-in-law Chris, I fell hard for this tune by up-and-comer Jake Bugg, and then when he turned up on the Tonight Show a few weeks later singing it, I once again felt like I had beat the masses to great new talent.

“Animals” by Maroon 5

Love me some Adam Levine, in any make, shape or form.  “Maps” didn’t really do it for me, though.  So I was thrilled when this, the 2nd single released from their new album V, was released.  Much more up my alley.  I love the howl.

“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

I know that for a lot of people it was over-played and got annoying, but I love the message this one sends about body image and self-confidence to girls.  I still bop around to it when it comes on the radio.  Favourite line: “Yeah, it’s pretty clear – I ain’t no size two!”  Doesn’t matter how much weight I lose, y’all – I ain’t never gonna be no size two!!!

“River Bank” by Brad Paisley

I admit, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the country scene this year.  Normally, I’m a fan of country music, but nothing was wowing me in 2014.  I do love this fun one from Brad Paisley, though – in a lot of ways, he could very well be singing about my little home town nestled on the banks of the Ottawa River…

“Turtles All the Way Down” by Sturgill Simpson

Another lad I never heard of until I saw him on Jimmy’s show, and I absolutely adored this young guy’s voice and how it throws back to the likes of Merle Haggard and George Jones.

“Steal My Girl” by One Direction

I’m a sucker for the boy bands, guys.  And I love this one from 1D.  Just a feel-good, catchy tune with a bunch of cute boys be-bopping around.  Will that ever get old for me?  Probably not.

“Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

It’s the year of the Swift, y’all.  Hit #2 from Taylor this year has just landed in recent weeks.  I didn’t think it could live up to “Shake It Off”, but it has.  I might even love it more.

“Trumpets” by Jason Derulo

OK, here’s the truth: When I first this song, it didn’t do anything for me.  But every time they played it, it grew on my a little more each time.  I have to put it on my list.  It took time, but it eventually did become one of my faves.

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

It’s also pretty recent, but I love, love, LOVE it!!!  Even when Bruno has gold curlers in his hair!

“Bang Bang” by Jessie J., Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

It was one of the biggest hits of the summer, and it sucked me right in.  I know I already said it was the Year of Taylor Swift, but she might have to share that title with Ariana Grande.  That little rig was all over the place this year.  (plus, I had a love-hate relationship her bro Frankie on Big Brother all summer) This collaboration with Jessie J. & Nicki was a big one for me!

“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

I’m closing out my list with my dear love, Ed Sheeran.  I absolutely adore this guy, and he rarely lets me down.  I’m currently all caught up in his new single “Thinking Out Loud”, but overall for 2014, “Don’t” was one of my favourites for sure.


I feel like I’m missing some big, important ones, but I’m shutting ‘er down right there, folks.  I could probably go on all day.  I need to shut ‘er down at some point.

So tell me… what songs make your list of favourites for 2014?  If you share, be sure to link up with Helene In Between!


Stacie said...

Your love of boy bands makes up for the annoying bass song....

Helene in Between said...

such great picks! i loved so many of these!!