Thursday, January 16, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things!

Life is so much easier when you find a product that works for you.  Sometimes you don’t even realize how much more smoothly your day goes when you have these products or items in your life.

Today, I’m taking a moment to show my appreciation to the things in my life that I may overlook on a day-to-day basis.  Without them… I’d probably be a mess!  Or at least a more unhappy version of myself ;)

Here are a few of my favourite things…



Infusium Leave-In Hair Treatment – Believe it or not, this is pretty much the only product I put in my hair (other than shampoo & conditioner, of course).  I discovered it after my Grandma passed away and I was given a bottle that she had in her collection of hair products.  I spritz it in my wet hair after a shower, then blowdry and straighten, and that’s it.  It has left my hair softer, and without as much trouble with frizzing and fly-aways.  Maybe it’s an old lady hair product, but it gets the job done, so I don’t care!


puzzle mat

Puzzle Roll-Up Mat – OK, maybe I am an old lady, but I love working on puzzles.  Two years ago, I enjoyed fitting them in the middle of my living room floor.  I’d put on a movie or TV, make a cup of tea, and sit and work on my puzzle for hours.  But it was inconvenient having it stuck in the middle of my living room floor, so last winter, I worked on puzzles at my dining room table – which I rarely sit at to actually eat dinner.  Still, inconvenient for when guests were over, and I didn’t enjoy sitting in there as much as I did when it was in the living room.  Mom to the rescue!  Someone gave her a puzzle mat, and she has loaned it to me.  I can roll it up when I’m done working on it (or, as I’m apt to do, just slide it under the coffee table), and it’s out of the way but I don’t have to mess it up.   So convenient!


perfume 2

Tommy Hilfiger Pear Blossom perfume – It was a gift on Christmas morning from my niece & nephew, and I was so excited to open it!  My CK One from the Christmas before was almost done, and I was thinking it was something I would have to buy for myself.  I LOVE the scent!!


cool gear cups

Cool Gear cups – God bless you, Walmart, for  always keeping these cups in stuck, and at such a reasonable price.  One large cups runs around $5, and I MUST have one of these with me at all times.  It ensures that I get my minimum 8 glasses of water a day (usually more), and they are fun to look at and drink out of! ;)  I seem to drop and break them on a regular basis (my clumsy fault, not the cup’s), so I like that they are cheap to replace.



Big Soup Bowls -  I’ve been making soup a staple in my diet these past few weeks, as I attempt to get back on track with eating healthy after the Christmas indulgences.  I discovered after making a big pot of fat flush soup last Monday that I didn’t have any proper soup bowls anymore!  So I picked up a few at Walmart last Friday for $1.50 each, and I’m loving them.  I only wish I’d taken my mom’s advice and bought the ones with the handle instead.  Next time!


seagate external harddrive

Seagate Expansion 2 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive -  You have no idea how much joy this little box has brought to my life since I bought it in the fall.  It turned my satellite receiver into a PVR, and since then, my life has been complete!!  And the space on this thing… I don’t know if I could ever fill it.  Four straight days of Criminal Minds episodes barely made a dent in it. ;)  Also, I can now get a daily dose of Jimmy Fallon without having to stay up til the middle night to see him.  It’s bliss, I tell you.  Pure bliss.


Camp 25

Headband/bandana from Giant Tiger – Yes, another high-end shop that I like to frequent. ;)  But seriously, I can’t remember the brand name of these bandana-type headbands that I picked up last summer, but they have been awesome to keep my hair back and out of my face when I’m working out.  (And PS – no, I am not actually working out in this picture.  I’m eating a s’more. So sue me.)  Nothing annoys me more than sweaty hair falling in my face, and it doesn’t matter how tight I tie my pony tail, it always falls out when I’m working out.  These have been the best solution I’ve found to that problem thus far!



Sunbeam Ceramic Space Heater – This is a new one for me just this week, but I don’t know how I lived without it.  Being cold never used to be an issue for me before, but this winter, I haven’t been able to handle it.  I’m always so cold.  And it’s been a pretty cold winter so far, too.  (current January thaw notwithstanding).  I used to make fun of Lindsay in the office for running a heater under her desk all the time, but I stopped mocking her this winter.  Picked one  up last Friday, and I’ve been toasty warm in the office all week long!!



The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector -  God Bless the Body Shop for this hand cream.  As you may recall (or read on my Facebook status back in early December), I was having SERIOUS issues with dry and cracked skin on my hands.  Couldn’t get it under control with the hand creams I had at home.  So I asked my FB friends for suggestions, which spawned a ridiculously long comment thread with a gazillion remedies and product recommendations.  Several mentioned this one, so I bought it on sale a few weeks before Christmas.  I haven’t bothered to try any of the others, because this one saved me.  I’m sure there were others that would work just as well, but I don’t want to chance it.  My hands have been 99% better since I started using the Hemp Hand Protector!  I have one at home and one at work.  At first, I used it after every hand washing, but now usually two or three applications a day does the trick, and a little bit goes a long way!



Blistex Lip Medex – The only thing more annoying than my chapped hands is my chapped lips.  This has been a chronic problem for me for years.  It doesn’t help that I have a nervous habit of picking at my lips.  But for a few months this past fall, it had gotten terribly bad.  I looked like I had big clown lips they were so sore and red all the time.  (I do a good enough job repulsing the boys without freakishly chapped lips, thankyouverymuch.)  A few of my friends recommended I try this medicated formula from Blistex, and BOOM!  They were right!  I was wary because other Blistex lip balms had never worked, but this one is pure medicated magic.  My lips are pretty much normal now thanks to regular applications of this balm, and I don’t even pick my lips as much anymore.  I can’t live without my Blistex now, and I keep the little pots everywhere – at home, at work, in my purse, in my car… can’t be without it!

Well, there you have it… my current list of Favourite Things!  What makes your list?  What products/items can you not live without??

Happy Thursday, friends!! :)


Emmy said...

I have a puzzle mat but unless the puzzle is pretty far along it doesn't seem to really work right and the pieces fall everywhere anyway.. I Think I bought a cheap one though and well you sometimes get what you pay for; so now i usually build puzzles on a card table, then I can just move it aside of to a different room.. I just need to get a different puzzle mat I think

Nicole said...

I have never heard of the puzzle roll-up mat. How cool is that!?!? And big soup bowls. Love them too!

Mrs. Match said...

Everytime I see your picture, I can't help but say a little cheer for you. You look amazing!! And I love doing puzzles too. I have a roll up, and I really need to use it!

Leigh said...

We had one of those puzzle roll up things, but never used it. Should have given it to you so you can have two on the go! :)

Lindsay said...

Puzzle mat?? Cool!! I always was hesitant of puzzles because of keeping it somewhere! What a cool invention! Glad you found some products to work for your chapped skin! I could not live without my Adult sippy cup either! xo

Stacie said...

I love big soup or cereal bowls! And I just got a heater for my office, it is so nice and toasty in there now!

Jo said...

I haven't built a puzzel in years, I think I need to find a nice big one for us to do. That mat is pure genius!

Jo said...

I haven't built a puzzel in years, I think I need to find a nice big one for us to do. That mat is pure genius!