Friday, January 10, 2014

First Confessions of 2014

Ahh, my first opportunity to confess in 2014!  Let’s get to it!!

Friday confessional high heeled love

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I confess… that I keep forgetting I have Mondays and Fridays off for the next couple of months.  And every time I remember that I do, I smile.  I love Winter Hours. :)

I confess… that the other night when I was flailing about doing my Les Mills Combat workout, I accidentally punched myself in the head.  And it really hurt.  I’m looking forward to these routines becoming more familiar in the weeks to come, because as of now, I’m totally back in the “frog in a blender” phase that I go through when starting a new workout.  And unfortunately, this time it’s dangerous.


I confess… that I didn’t get to the movies once over the Christmas holidays.  My Happy Place.  I intended to make several trips, but it just never worked out.

I confess… that I didn’t have time, really, anyways.  I mean… Criminal Minds.  It occupied a lot of my waking hours. ;)

I confess… that I may actually take myself to the movies on Saturday, though.  I’m thinking I might want to check out American Hustle.  I keep hearing good things about it, but I don’t think I’d be able to find anyone to go with me.  I keep saying that someday I’m going to get over my wariness of going to the movies alone.  I’m positive I’ll feel a combination of weird, awkward, and total loser, but…  people keep telling me it’s a good thing to do, to “date yourself” and  be comfortable out & about on your own, so… maybe.  We’ll see!

american hustle

I confess… that I’m totally going to look like a loser if I do.  Aren’t I?  Be honest.  I can take it.

I confess… that for the first time in my life, I’m following a meal plan.  In the past, I’ve never been able to get my act together to set one up, and even now, I’m only going one week at a time.  But I sat down one day last week and drafted up exactly what I would eat for each meal every day, and then prepared ahead on Monday by making my soups and salads for each day.  So far, it’s been so nice not worrying what I’m going to have for supper each night.  And thus, I’ve already drafted up my plan and grocery list for next week!

I confess… that I’m actually disappointed that it’s going to rain on tomorrow.  I know, I know.  After all this snow, and all this cold, I should be rejoicing like everyone else that the temperatures are to rise big-time this weekend. But that just doesn’t feel like January to me.

I confess… that I get super-nervous about calling to make appointments.  Doctor, Dentist, Oil Change… I have to psych myself up to even make the call, and then I get all flustery and I trip over my own words, every single time.  Someone please explain this to me.

I confess… that I have a new crush for 2014.  And it’s Jimmy Fallon.  I know, right?  Odd.  Very odd.  I’ve always thought he was a pretty funny cat, but never really paid much attention to him.  Then I saw him host SNL before Christmas and loved him, and then I watched his “Best Of Late Night” special earlier this week, and I decided it right then and there.  Jimmy Fallon is my boy for 2014.



Alrighty, folks, I think that’s a wrap on the first confessions of the new year!  Have a wonderful weekend :)


Jo said...

I will have to confess that I have a 30 day shred dvd that I still haven't opened ... maybe now that I've told someone that I actually own it I'll start using it.

Have a great weekend!

VandyJ said...

I used my 30 day shred exactly three times and then life went all to pot with illness and craziness and such. Might be time to bow off the dust and try it again. I also look some what akin to a frog in a blender when doing exercise.

Amy said...

Jimmy is my guy, I've seen Fever Pitch at least 6 times!

American Hustle is awesome, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were both amazing. I went to see Footloose myself; it's really not that hard. We should 'date' sometime.

Nicole said...

Don't worry I don't like making my own appointments either. In fact, Mark made the awkward call to get my first OB appointment :). haha. So I laughed when you said you punched yourself in the head because I could sooo see myself doing something like that also. I think Jimmy Fallon is taking over the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Stacie said...

I love meal plans, I make one every week and shop once, it saves so much time and money!

And you and your short work week are no fair.

DMS said...

I love Jimmy Fallon too! He is hilarious and cracks me up. I also have phone phobia (that is what I call it). I have no idea why I get so nervous making appointments and ordering food over the phone- but I trip over my words! I am happy to know you are the same way (my husband can't quite understand it because I am fine in person talking). :)

Hope you get to the movies. If you go by yourself- no one will probably notice but you. I never notice when people are by themselves.

Mrs. Match said...

I love going to the movies alone. you will be hooked on dating yourself! I haven't had a me date in forever. they are so fun! Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one clumsy enough to beat myself up while working out. :-)

Nancy said...

Is Lindsay influencing you with the meal plan idea? I am in awe of her organization skills! I have never been to a movie myself. I hardly ever go to the movies, but saw The Hobbit, and absolutely loved Frozen.