Wednesday, December 08, 2010

SO WHAT Wednesday!

I'm feeling uninspired, blog-wise. So rather than remaining silent for another day, I decided to play along with:
SO WHAT if...
  • ...I'm leaving for Cuba in 37 days and I don't fit in half of the shorts, tees, dresses, and bathing suits I bought? It's Christmastime, dammit, I can't diet now!!!
  • ...My car is a 13-year-old dinosaur that might quit on me any day now. Nobody else in my town has a '97 Rav 4 with black roof racks!! When people see me coming, they're ready with a wave!
  • ...My credit card bills are massive. I'm happy with my purchases. All of them. So piss off.
  • ...The next time I go to the store I need to spend over half of my shopping budget on chocolate. I'm making lots of Christmas treats that require melting chocolate, okay?!
  • ...My fish tank is so dirty that you can't even see the fish. I open the lid to make sure they're still swimming around. They're okay. I'll get to it someday...
  • ...I watched 3 Christmas movies on Sunday. It got me in the spirit, and I can't think of anything more productive that I should have been doing! (Oh...right...the fish...frig!!)
  • ...The Sens are horrible. It'll be okay. And Wade Redden's still hot. I don't care if he's not even an NHL'er anymore.
  • ...Stupid London, Ontario got 3 feet of snow over the past few days. WE'RE gonna get our own dumping on Sunday. So THERE!!
  • ...I listen to Bruce Springsteen's "Merry Christmas Baby" at least four or five times every day. It makes me happy!

So there's my "SO WHAT Wednesday" rant. Felt good! Feel like playing along? Hop on over to Life After I "Dew" and link up!


Stacy said...

Well nice list...after my dentist appointment, mine is:
so what if i can't get 3 fillings and 2 teeth pulled because i'm at my limit of insurance and it's Christmas and I need will have to wait for the New Year!

Jill said...

In keeping with that theme:
So What if the dentist has been telling me for 10 years that my wisdom teeth should come out or my whole mouth is only going to get more crooked. I will NEVER be able to afford that. Bring on the rich hubby. With benefits.

Chris MacKechnie said...

Wait a sec. It's Christmas? Damn. I just finished this Halloween costume. Does Santa occasionally dress up as a robot? If he does, I have access to this killer Xmas outfit.

Nicole said...

cute! Never seen this one before! I like it :)

Jill said...

Chris - I expect to see that robot costume on Christmas Eve. Donna asked me if I wanted to dress up as Santa. I'll tell her the Christmas Robot is coming instead.