Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing Crazy Eights!!

Finally. We're finally getting snow!! The promise of 35-45 cm on Sunday didn't happen. It came as rain instead. Booooooooooooo!! But today, we're getting a nice little blanket, and that makes me even more excited for the holidays.

So what can I do to pass some time before Christmas? How about playing Crazy Eights, blog-style? I got this idea from Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. Play along if you'd like!! :)

8 Favorite TV shows
1) Grey's Anatomy
2) Criminal Minds
3) Friends
4) Sex and the City
5) Young & the Restless
6) Being Erica
7) Survivor
8) Sens hockey games

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink
1) Kelsey's
2) McDonalds
3) Jack Astor's
4) Wild Wing
5) The Bamboo
6) St. Hubert's
7) Montana's
8) Gavan's

8 Things I Look Forward To
1) Christmas Eve!!!
2) Playing with Caden & Danica
3) Cuba in January
4) Christmas dinner at Aunt Marion's
5) New Year's Eve
6) Going to the movies (hopefully sometime over the holidays!!)
7) Spending time with family and friends
8) Winter activities

8 Things that Happened to me Yesterday
1) My muffler almost fell off my car. Thank God for the guys at work fixing me back up again!
2) Worked
3) Decorated the office for Christmas
4) Quickly cleaned my house (a lick and a promise, my mom would say!)
5) Watched some holiday specials - A Garfield Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town
6) Fell asleep on the couch and woke up freezing - my front door had blown open! eeeek!!
7) Was invited to the Sens game. But then had to turn down the ticket after my mom reminded me car has been rather unreliable these past few days.
8) Went to bed!

8 Things I Like About Winter
1) Christmas
2) Snow
3) Sliding
4) Sens hockey
5) Snowmen
6) Christmas lights
7) Warm blankets and cozy couches
8) Going for walks with snowflakes falling down

8 Things I am Passionate About
1) My family
2) My friends
3) Playing guitar
4) Writing (my blog!)
5) My TV Shows
7) The Sens
8) Edward & Jacob

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often
1) F*ck (I say it too much)
2) Frig off (I say that too much, too)
3) Holy cow
4) G'day
5) Good morning, Mountainview Turf, this is Jill speaking (I usually say good morning even if it's in the afternoon)
6) NO WAY!!
7) Gimme a break
8) Oh my God

8 Things I Have Learned From the Past
1) Life is short
2) Each moment spent with loved ones is precious
3) It's amazing how strong you can be when you have to be
4) Never count your chickens before they're hatched (cliched, but so true)
5) Mom and Dad are usually right
6) A few deep breaths can work wonders
7) Crying helps
8) Laughter is usually the best medecine!!

8 Places I Would Like to Visit/See
1) Ireland
2) Somewhere down south (Cuba, I'm coming!!)
3) Graceland
4) Nashville
5) The rest of Canada - down East, the prairies, the West Coast!!
6) Australia
7) Las Vegas
8) Disney World

8 Things I Currently Want/Need
1) My own house
2) ...or at least to paint the house I'm renting
3) a laptop
4) My credit card bills to just vanish
5) A new car
6) To lose 50 lbs.
7) A friggin boyfriend, geez.
8) For my family to have the best Christmas possible


Stacy said...

Had to laugh at your front door being blown open...that could have been troublesome if you didn't wake up!!

Lindsay said...

Jacob and Edward? ha ha Too funny! Great list! xo

Nicole said...

very good with all of those lists! I finally stopped saying F*** so much. It still slips out now and again but I've worked extremely hard this year on dropping it from my vocab completely.