Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December, Baby!

Happy DECEMBER!!!!

I love December. It means parties and good food and even better drinks and presents and family and friends and twinkly lights and decorations and holiday specials and Christmas carols and snow...
Wait. What's that? No snow? In Canada? On December 1st?

I know. It's so so so sad. Like, how am I supposed to turn on all my Christmas lights tonight without any freakin' SNOW???

It's been pouring rain here for two days now. Here at work, they estimate that if it had come as fluffy goodness, we'd have two feet. There's a chance it could change to flurries by tonight, they say, but for now, it's just rain. Ugly rain that makes everything brown and muddy and depressing. This isn't the month for brown and muddy and depressing. It's the month for snowflakes and sparkling and white cold awesomeness.

Where is it?! Where is IT!?!?

Hopefully it comes soon. It just doesn't feel like Christmas without a little of the white stuff on the ground...


Stacy said...

We all know you LOVE snow and I think you LOVE snow so much because you only work 5 mins from home - people (like me) who work in the city HATE also have a garage to park in - people (like me) who don't have a garage, have to run out in the cold, start the car and then start chipping away ice and blowing off snow...uugghh the thought of it makes me nauseous LOL - however, I would like to see a bit of snow on the ground for Christmas Eve - after Boxing Day, it can all vanish

Jill said...

Actually, even when I lived/went to school/worked in the city, I loved snow. I don't enjoy shoveling it or brushing my car off after being left out in it, but I don't stay mad at it for long.

It's too pretty to stay mad at.

Nicole said...

You can have our snow when it comes around here! I am not a big fan of the stuff, at all! I hear on the West coast they were talking snow... maybe it'll head your direction :) just please hope it by-passes me!

Lindsay said...

Soon enough Jilly, don't worry. I'm glad the snow has held off this long but now Im ready for it so I can go out on the snowmobile, woo hoo!