Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farewell to Colby

I know, I's been almost two weeks since Sandra Diaz-Twine was crowned the victor in the epic Heroes vs. Villains Suvivor showdown. And still no re-cap.

Is it too late for a re-cap? Probably. I'm sure every scribe who followed this magnificent season that was like pure candy to Survivor fans has already written up their report and put it to bed. And I've meant to do mine countless times, but time has not been my friend these past few weeks. Life is hectic. Work is hectic. Everything is just so damn...hectic.

So what do I really want to say? How about the Colbster. Last-standing hero. How perfect. Even if he does seem to have weakened and shriveled up from his glory days, Colby Donaldson is the epitome of the Survivor hero. And Colby came sooo close to making it to the final 4. It came down to him & Parvati in the final challenge, which had them balancing a stack of dishes on a long pole. Colby knew he needed to win it. But unfortunately, this season, challenges were not Colby's forté. (Although, I loved it during the reunion hour when Probst told Parvati she was tied for second for winning most challenges in Survivor history. When she asked who was first, he pointed down the row, and said, "That would be Mr. Colby Donaldson who owns that title". Awesome.) When his dishes tumbled, he knew his game was done. He still tried to work some magic with Russell, but in the end, the villains stuck together and Colby said good-bye.

Then there was my girl Jerri. "My girl". ha! I got stuck with her in Stacy's Survior pool, which was rather ironic since she was Colby's arch-nemesis from the past. But as it turns out? The girl who fans hated so much that they drove her from the All-Stars reunion show in tears - well, she's not so villainous after all. Compared to the tribe of sneaks and swindlers and snakes she was lumped in with, Jerri was actually kind of a sweetheart. A bit wishy-washy, a bit of a coat-tail rider, but not nearly as evil-minded as the rest of them. By the end? I was actually sort of rooting for her.

Jerri was too soft to take this game, though. And it seemed only fitting that the three biggest villains were left standing in the end. Parvati, Russell, and Sandra. The women were both former winners, and Russell had just finished as runner-up in Samoa before heading back out for Heroes vs. Villains. Did anyone want to see any of them win? No. But at the end of the day, I'd say the lesser of the 3 evils took home the prize. Sandra is a sneaky, eaves-dropping, disloyal fiend, but I was happy to see her de-throne the "King and Queen" of Survivor, as Russell and Parvati had annointed themselves.

Speaking of Russell - this man is clearly delusional. He played the same game - twice in a row - and lost both times, yet still he insists he is the best player ever. He claims the game is flawed - that America should get a vote - because he would win hands-down. It's laughable how he argues with Probst throughout the reunion show, trying to prove this point, all while Probst insists back at him that the public vote means nothing on Survivor. It's not a popularity contest. Shut up, Russell.

And it still baffles me that he would win that popularity vote, as he did in the on-line fan favourite, taking the prize money over Rupert. Why do people love this guy? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

If Russell would listen for a few seconds, he would have heard the truth that Boston Rob laid out for him at the reunion - when asked to explain how Russell differs from himself, Rob said that Russell plays a dirty game that gets him to the end, but he does not play to win. If he was playing to win, he'd be taking better care of his social game rather than pissing people off left, right, and centre.

But he still doesn't get it. What a doorknob.

So at the end of the day, Sandra stands alone as the best of the best, ruling all of the heroes and villains. It was a fun season to watch. I have a hard time believing they can match the intensity and craziness of this 20th Anniversary edition.

And I'm a little sad, because I'm pretty sure Colby's Survivor days are officially over; however, it was pretty great while it lasted.

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