Friday, May 07, 2010

Random Friday Afternoon Thoughts...

...from someone who's brain is totally fried. Enjoy.

- I hate the Habs. I hate the Penguins. I hate that it's the only series left in the NHL playoffs that interests me. Friggin stupid hockey.

- I love that I can watch TV episodes on the Internet. Last week, my dear brother screwed up the taping of my beloved Grey's Anatomy, and I was devestated. Then, I had the brainwave to check it out on-line. Sure enough, CTV's website pulled through. I heart McSteamy. Can't wait to watch last night's episode sometime this weekend.

- Ball season is back - one of my greatest joys this week. The Flyers had their first home game last night. It was cold, but a good crowd turn out to see the 7-0 win over WC Electric and to witness the draw for the Basket of Awesome. God, I've missed ball.

- I miss my Sens.

- What's happening on Suvivor? I don't know, because I haven't watched last night's episode yet. Hang on.

- I have intense allergies this Spring. No idea why, never had 'em this bad before. Itchy eyes and a head that feels like it could spontaneously combust at any moment. Super.

- Another of my greatest joys this week? McHappy Day. I was kind of having a crappy day, found out that $1 of all Big Mac sales were going to childrens' charities, so I hopped in the Rav with Britt and headed out to get McHappy. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be in such a good mood. I'm so McHappy I went to McHappy Day.

- Ever notice the things you want, you can't have - and when you finally find out you can have them, you don't want them anymore? I've really noticed that this week.

- Could June 30th come a little quicker? I need my vampire and werewolf. I need them now.

- My calendar for the next 2 months is literally JAMMED. Some days, I've got more than 1 event on. I've double-booked shit. I'm trying to write everything on every calendar I own and in my BlackBerry so I don't miss anything. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to screw something up.

- I'm so glad it's going to pour rain tomorrow. I'm not going to do anything but lie on the couch and watch movies all day. Because that's what you do when it's pouring rain.

- I love my mom.

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