Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Round-Up

It's been another busy week, lots to talk about it, but no time to do it!

Here's a quick Friday round-up:

THE HABS - Ohhh, how I hate them. Many fans of other teams - especially Sens and Leaf fans - are jumping on their bandwagon, but I just can't do it. Believe it or not, a few weeks after despising the Penguins for knocking my team out of the playoffs, I was rooting for them against les Canadiens. I've heard the argument that they're the last Canadian team, and that I should be cheering for them. But I just can't. And it's not even the team. For the most part, I like the the players, and I really like the coach. But the majority of their fans have turned me right off. I hate the Olé crap. I hate the "Na na na na" song. I hate the sight of their car flags. I hate my co-workers who are Hab fans dancing around in their jerseys and rubbing it my face. I hate the minority of jackasses who riot - they're not even in the finals yet, idiots!!

But most of all? I hate that it's not me. Pure jealousy. Go Philly.

THE FLYERS (not hockey - the fastball team) - Stupid 8:30 games in far-off places like Stittsville. No fastball games for me this week. But the Quyon COMBAT Flyers did take on the 56'ers Wednesday night, and came home with a huge 10-1 win over the league's defending champs. This weekend, the team is headed to Millgrove, ON for a tournament. Good luck Flyers!

SURVIVOR - Colby! Top 5! Yeahhhh!! Will he win? Absolutely not. He'll be the first sent home Sunday night during the 2-hour finale, guaranteed. Why? Because he's the last remaining Hero, after Rupert was voted out last night. And because he can't win a challenge to save his soul. It truly is a miracle that he's lasted this long, considering the number of times his ass has been on the line. After last night's episode, I believe the two least-deserving of winning the $1M prize out of the Top 5 are Colby and Jerri, and I think it's because they're from a bygone era of Survivor competitors - back before things were so malicious and sneaky - before there was this much backstabbing and blindsiding. In the Outback, Jerri was a genuine villain, and Colby was a bonafide hero. Now, she looks like a coat-tail-riding pansy, and he looks like a resigned, tired, wuss. Yeah. Colby kinda sucks. But at least I've got to watch him right through to the final episode, and that makes me a happy kid! Woo!

GREY'S ANATOMY - Hoooo baby, things are about to get crazy at Seattle Grace-Mercy West! But first - last night - Dr. Bailey gettin' busy with sexy anesthesiologist Ben. YUM. That man...I tell you...he could give McDreamy, McSteamy, Hunt, Karev, Avery - he could give 'em all a run for their money. And when he stripped while Bailey babbled about her personal life being personal? Holy smokes. I couldn't even hear what she was saying. That was just about as hot as the infamous McSteamy-in-a-towel scene from Season...2 I think? Speaking of which, we kind of got a reprise of that last night, too! McSteamy coming out of the bathroom to find both Reed and Teddy in his room (and yes, that had to be a metaphorical puff of steam that followed him out of the bathroom...humina humina...McSteeeeeeeeeeamy!) But at the end of the day? My guy Alex. He's still the one. How he helped that girl who had been misdiagnosed as schizophrenic? Loved him for that. But it looks like Alex is about to get the crappy end of the stick again. He said it himself - he's done crazy - dealt with it growing up, dated it...he's ready to settle down and be normal. And he thinks he's found that with Lexi. Unfortunately for Alex, McSteamy isn't done with her yet...his passionate plea at the end of last night for her to give him another chance - Did he propose ? I think he did! - well, I forsee Alex being left in the dust yet again.

Not fair. Not fair at all. Can we please get Karev a happy storyline? Please!?!?

Next week - season finale - and all hell's breaking loose. There's going to be a shooter in the hospital. And in the preview, it said, "Who will fall?" Oh my God. I can't WAIT!

Have a great weekend!!

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Ashley said...

Ahhhh! Can't wait for next week, Grey's is the best. And oh my, McSteamy in the towel is very, very fine!