Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too Busy...Toooooo Busy!!

Way too frickin' busy...No time for Blogging...But a few quick things:

The Heroes are rockin' it on Survivor now, and this week the Villains lost both challenges again, this time sending Coach home. Russell continues to rule the roost. What an ass.

Daniel Alfredsson Day in Ottawa was Saturday, with the Sens closing out the season on home ice vs. the Sabres. The pre-game ceremony with Alfie and his family to honour the 1000 games was classy and a wonderful tribute to the greatest man to ever don the red, black & gold. His kids are adorable - fighting over the bouquet of flowers given to their mother, big smiles for Phillips and Fisher, Loui stepping off the carpet to take a little skid on the ice, and Hugo proudly singing O Canada...it was priceless. When Alfie lost his place in his notes and the fans rocked the place with chants of "Al-fie! Al-fie! Al-fie!" in the lull, it raised the hairs on the back of my neck. The only let-down was the final score, a loss to Buffalo, 5-2. Playoffs start tomorrow night. Bring on the PENGUINS. My love for Sid the Kid ends NOW!!

Nickelback concert on Sunday night in a 400 level suite = AWESOME. Never seen so many pyrotechnics in my life. The energy was awesome, Kroeger was at his raunchy best, it was LOUD & CRAZY. Awesome moments included little snippets of "Patience" by GnR, "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks..."TIMMAAAAAAAAAAAY!!"...the Mario Bros. underground tune...Also really cool to see them pay tribute to Alfie and his 1000 games, with Kroeger shouting, "How 'bout Daniel Alfredsson?" early on, then they flashed an image of him on the big screen during "Photograph", and when a bunch of guys came out late in the show to master-blaster beer out to the crowd, most of them were wearing red Alfie t-shirts.

Seems to me there's a pile of people out there who like to advertise that Nickelback is the worst band ever. For 17,200 of us on Sunday night, that opinion didn't matter. It rocked.

Last but not least...BIG congrats to a regular here on the Blog, Sharon, as she and her husband Wayne had a baby girl last week! Welcome Emma!! :)

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