Friday, April 16, 2010

STUPID Heroes...

Oh wow. I didn't think the Heroes could be this stupid.

Last night on Survivor, we saw probably THE biggest goofy move in the history of the game. And the sad part is, the Heroes did it as a team.

At the Reward Challenge, the Heroes discovered that Coach was voted off the Villain tribe, convincing them that there's a strong women's alliance picking off the men, one-by-one, leaving "poor" Russell as the last man standing. Oh Lord. JT whispering to him, "Hang in there, buddy" - almost made me want to puke! I know they don't know Russell from a hole in the ground, but once they realize what a conniving snake he is, they'll be wishing they'd never felt sorry for him!!

So the Villains won Reward after they managed to stay up on their little footholds longer than three of the Heroes. They got to chow down on an Outback Steakhouse feast. Parvati found the clue to the second Hidden Immunity Idol on their beach, and shared it with Danielle, but chose to keep it a secret from Russell, the same guy who gave her his secret Idol a few weeks ago. Hmm...Interesting...

Meanwhile, back at the Hero beach, JT was coming up with his crackerjack of a plan: At the Immunity Challenge, he would somehow get Russell off to the side and hand him his Hidden Immunity Idol. He would also pass along a letter to explain that if he used it to save himself and vote out Parvati, that he would be safe with the five of them once they merge. Then they would proceed to pick off Jerri, Courtney, Sandra, and Danielle, and just SMASH that women's alliance!

Brilliant. Absoultely brilliant.

WHY did the rest of them go along with this dumbf*ck plan?!

I truly expected Colby, at some point, to stand up and say, "Whoa, guys, isn't this a little risky? We don't even know Russell. Maybe he's actually running the show over there, huh?" But noooooo... Colby disappointed me yet again. In fact, he was the one, once it was just him and Russell left on the platforms during the Immunity Challenge with the Heroes carrying a huge lead, that turned to Russell and told him to see JT after the challenge because he had something to give to him, and that he would become one of them once they merge.

What a goof.

Could they not see the Cheshire Cat smile on Russell's face? I cringed when Russell told the camera, "Now I don't even have to find hidden immunity idols. The other team is giving them to me!!" Literally, physically cringed.

Stupidest. Move. Ever.

So Russell and Parvati giggled with glee reading JT's "love letter", and in that moment, all of the credibility that JT, Colby, Rupert, Amanda, and Candice held just completely evaporated.

They literally are the stupidest Survivors ever.

Of course, Russell held on to that Idol and had no reason to use it at Tribal Council. Instead, they voted off Courtney. Looks like the merge is coming up next week, and the Heroes will get their first hint of how stupid they are by realizing that Russell didn't vote out Parvati after all.

But I'm pretty sure that Russell will be able to sweet-talk them, the way he always does, and they'll all end up being the biggest suckers he's ever been able to manipulate.

The really redonkulous thing is that Russell was able to do this all with very limited communication. They only see him briefly every couple of days. They don't even know him. And still, he's got them under his spell.

I can't figure it out out. I just can't figure it out.

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