Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Never a Win-Win for Jill...

This Survivor re-cap is going to be brief - holy hell things are busy around here! - but I just hafta start out by saying this:

YAY COLBY YAY!! Finally, the man showed a little spark! A little late, in my opinion, because I would've loved for James to see him in action, but whatever. At least he finally showed that he's still got it!

The Heroes finally slayed a few of their demons. Just a few weeks ago, Colby was the one to surmise that the Heroes weren't very good at basketball challenges or puzzle challenges. Lo and behold, this week we had both. In Reward, Colby did a lot of the grunt work as the tribes competed in a game of water basketball, with the first tribe scoring 3 baskets going off for a "healthy" feast. Colby was involved in all of the battles in the water for the ball, and he ended up scoring two of their three baskets to win Reward. There, they found another clue to a hidden Immunity Idol on their beach, and Rupert lamented that just when they were finally coming together as a cohesive unit, the game just had to creep back in. Well, duh, Rupe. It's SURVIVOR.

Despite the news that another Idol was to be found, the Heroes really did seem to be getting some of their swagger back. (Um, could just be me, but did anyone else notice how much better it was without James and his severe attitude problem? Might he have been the problem all along?) They headed into the Immunity Challenge hoping to continue their winning ways, but with another puzzle finale, I was doubtful. After racing to collect their puzzle pieces, it was JT and Amanda who finally were able to complete the puzzle and grant the Heroes their second victory in a row. Things are lookin' up for Colby and the gang!!

But the Villains' second consecutive loss set up the Boston Rob vs. Russell showdown that they've been foreshadowing for weeks now. I was really hoping Rob was going to take the little weasel to school and teach him a few Survivor lessons. Unfortunately, it really does appear that Russell is a Survivor expert. I have no idea how he does it, but he manages to win over the right people and he gets it done. He somehow got Jerri under his spell, causing tension between her and Coach. She tried to get Coach to tag along, but he wasn't quite as smitten with Russell. Instead, he went the way of the weakling, casting his vote for Courtney instead of joining ranks in the Rob vs. Russell combat. His vote for someone other than Russell sealed Boston Rob's fate, and he was sent home. Rob didn't go without a shot at his former ally, though - before departing, he muttered to Coach, "You're a little man." Zing!

My second favourite guy out there, so of course just as Colby gets his mojo back, Rob's sent packing. No friggin' fair. Blows my mind that Russell lives on in the game. I hate his smug little weasly face.

But as long as the Colbster's still there, I'll be okay.

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE Russell! He was a favorite of mine in the last season! I think he is playing the game. He has balls and he is making big moves instead of pussy footing his way around! He is a true player!