Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The "I HATE..." Blog

OK, it's official...Sidney Crosby IS God.

Man, I hate how great he is. And I hate that my team let him romp all over them last night. And I hate that I was there to witness it.

While I'm listing things I hate? The refs. What a bunch of idiots. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but the way they've been calling this series - and especially last night's game - well, it clearly looks like they don't even want to give Ottawa a sniff of the next round. They're doing their part to make sure the Sens lose to a team that probably would beat them even without them lending a helping hand. I HATE THEM.

Hmm, what else do I hate...oh yes, I hate Jason Spezza. I know, he scored last night (finally). But his blind passes that usually end up on Penguin sticks are no longer tolerable in my world. And his beaut of a give-away last night that resulted in Crosby's first goal? Real nice, Spezz. Real nice. As far as I'm concerned, he can pack his bags once we're done with this series. I have no more patience for him and his "creativity". He's a complete knucklehead.

I hate that NEITHER of my goalies can stop a puck to save their lives. Brian Elliott gets yanked after the Penguins scored the first four goals of the game, so Pascale Leclaire comes in to replace him. For his first five or ten minutes, he looks like Superman (basically because he made a few saves, which Elliott was unable to do up to that point). The Sens start a little comeback, score a couple of goals, and for awhile, I think we might be okay. We might actually make a game of this. But then, Leclaire takes off his Superman cape, returns to normal, and the Penguins score another three goals before the game ends.


Oh, how I hate that we keep taking stupid too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties. Did all season, continue to do so in the playoffs - took TWO of 'em last night. Smarten up on the bench. That's pathetic.

I hated the little Penguin fans in the row in front of us wearing Crosby jerseys and whooping everytime Pittsburgh scored, but because they were only, like, ten years old I couldn't swear at them. Fack, I hated that!!

I hated that Spartacat never went near the two fans who dressed up like Penguins and danced in the aisle of one of the first level sections. He shoulda been down there kicking their asses. Even our mascot isn't stepping up!

I HATE Evgeni Malkin and his big ugly lips (which, by the way, I could see from all the way up in the last row of section 323), and the fact that he's doing as much or more damage as Crosby, but hardly anybody mentions him.

I hate that I think I just said nobody's giving Malkin enough credit.

I hate Matt Cooke. Because everyone hates Matt Cooke.

I hate that I wrote blogs praising Sidney Crosby just a few months ago. I'm glad we won gold, but I'm over it now. I wish I could take back those blogs telling you all how much I love him.

Because I really, really HAAAAAAAAAAATE him.

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Brenna said...

Ha, I hate Matt Cooke too, and I'm a Pens fan. It's universal.