Tuesday, December 11, 2007

They Call It Paranoia

For the past few days, it's been sneaking up on me.

I've been feeling it. A little twinge. A slight scratchiness at the back of my throat. A sneeze here. A sneeze there.

Christmas is exactly two weeks away, and I'm terribly afraid that I'm going to catch a cold, or some kind of foreign sickness. It's one of the busiest times of the year, and I have absolutely no time to be sick!!

I think it's a fear that was instilled in me as a child. There were several Christmases in a row where my family was unable to take part in any holiday cheer because one or more of us were ill. Fortunately, none of us have been sick for Christmas for years, but I'm still paranoid. Just around the time when I'm ready to dive head-first into the festive jolly-ness of the season, I start worrying about the pesky cold. Or the flu. Or typhoid fever. Or malaria.

So I've been pumping the Cold FX, the Echinicea, the Vitamin C. Everything I can possibly think of to ward off any germs or bugs that are trying to eat away at my immune system.

This morning, my awareness of catching an infectious disease was heightened when I arrived at work to find everyone fussing over Holly. She's got a cold, of course. And decided to come to work and infect me. Everyone's been telling her she needs to go home and rest, pop some pills, fight the cold, take it easy, poor wee thing.

Know what I said to her?

"Holly. If I end up sick...I'm going to kill you."

I kid not. Literally, that's what I said. She just laughed. She clearly did not take me seriously. But she should have.

Not only is Christmas fast-approaching, but I'm smack-dab in the middle of crazy-hectic-holiday-activity time. The Christmas house tour was last night. Tomorrow night is my craft group's pot-luck. Friday night is Keith Urban. Christmas parties, family gatherings, and so on...


So right now I'm sucking on a Halls Vitamin C lozenge and trying not to breathe in her germs, wishing I had one of those hospital masks to wear over my face.

Some might call it paranoia. I just call it being preventative & prepared!!


Sharon said...

I am with ya Jill. I have added stress with the wind down of my Simply Accounting course. I have a huge assignment due on Thursday, Christmas Cards to mail out, Tree part and wagon ride to get in order for Saturday, Laser Eyes Surgery on the 21st. Moms, Lindas. Aunt Lauras. Then my own Christmas Feast. I cannot get sick.

Jill where is the Christmas house tour recap?

Jill said...

Well Sharon, I really hope you don't get sick either!! There's just too much going on this time of year to come down with anything...UGH!!

As for the House tour re-cap - we can talk about it here! Did you guys enjoy it? Any particular highlights for you??

Sharon said...

Well I enjoyed it, I always do. I love love loved Ann Irelands house. There was quite a strong cinnamon smell though that was almost giving me a headache, but the house is so beautiful and the two trees were marvelous.

I danced to the singing snowman at Rolly Berniers house on the way up the laneway. But on the way out it was just a little too creepy. I loved their floor in the kitchen. It makes me excited to refinish my floors at home.

I have already seen the Tim Hortons Camp... I like their set up las year better than this year. But it's still impressive. I got a re-charge snack and we were off to Sara's...

I love her front windows... I know I know... but they are just so nice. With the white bars in them. They have a really nice living room. Nice and big, and she had the kitchen nicely decorated.

We didn't go to the church because it was 9:00 and well that's when I turn into a pumpkin. So I drove home Linda, Jaymie and Ann and went home to my man... lol. Him and kitty were waiting for me! They are cute!

But yeah, Ann Irelands was the best by far!

Sharon said...

And for PK,

I got home just in time to see the last 20 minutes of Coronation

Tracey is so going down for the murder. Diedre doesn't even believe her anymore! Like who tells a lawyer to tell them what to say when testifying... you're just asking to be caught!

priscilla said...

Well I missed Coronation Street last Thursday and Friday because Chad's wonderful dish was scrambled again. It better be fixed tonight when I go over! But I did watch it last night. Apparently the factory had went on strike for more money? Missed that part. If it was like the other soaps they would be on strike for months! And Tracey is way too cocky. She thinks just because she has this good lawyer and David to testify that she will get off. She's forgetting that she has to play the victim. And it seems like she has no guilt about killing Charlie. And what's with Peter going after Maria? She's like half his age. When the kids on the show are grown up, all of a sudden they are the same age as everyone else. Liz should have went out with that delivery man just to get back at that drummer dude. What's his name? Warren or something?

Jill said...

My house tour re-cap:

I also think Anne Ireland's was the highlight. I loved her house, and her decorating was sooo nice. I was very impressed with the village at Tim Horton's, although I find it almost too big to look at everything. Rolly & Linda's was fun, especially the dancing snowman, and I also thought the touch of the bonfire outside was really neat. (And I loved their bathroom. It's bigger than my bedroom). Sara's was also very nice, loved her fireplace & all the snowmen - it was even more impressive to find out that a few days ago, she had no decorating done at all!! Overall, it was another great tour - can't wait to see which houses will be on the tour next year!!

Sharon said...

His name isn't Warren, and I can't think of it... VERNON! Gotta love Wikipedia!

Yeah there was a strike but Leam gave them more money and that was the end of that. They also insisted that the new polish lady get the same wages as they were.

Yeah Tracey is so going to Jail... and she's got no remorse, are you crazy, she was plotting to kill him for so long, she enjoyed every minute of it.

priscilla said...

What happened on last night's episode? The dish gets fixed just to go down again.

Sharon said...

Well last night... ummm okay so David is still stalking Tracey.

Diedre is starting to not believe her anymore because she found out from Steve that Charlie was planning on throwing Tacey out the day he was killed. So she's getting suspicious.

Paul is back and he knows that Liam told Carla about them killing Dean (Michelle's sons real father). And that's about it. It was a little uneventful. But tonight's episode should be good.