Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Blog is 200!!

Welcome, everyone, to the 200th post!!

Can ya believe it? 200 Blog posts over the past 15 months. I must admit, they haven't been as frequent over the past little while as I'd like, but the Blog has survived so much, it would be a shame to let it die. The number of people leaving comments has dwindled, my creative juices sometimes have a hard time flowing, and then there's this small little Internet phenomenon called "Facebook" that occupies much of my on-line time.

Yet still, the Blog prevails!

Thanks to all who continue to read, for the few of you who still post (even if it is about Coronation Street - keep it coming!), and for all who take time out of their day to check out Jill's World (as boring as it may be...) Hopefully we'll all still be around for #300!!

So - tonight is my Christmas Pot-Luck for Ladies' Night at the Family Centre, which I'm very much looking forward to. Actually, kinda dreading it - we have to bring an embroidery needle, a paint brush, a glue gun & scissors. Sounds like a complicated craft!

Then tomorrow night, I'm going for my orange belt at Karate! I knew there was a grading coming up, but I didn't expect to be taking part in it, because as of last night I had only 2 black stripes on my yellow belt. (You need 3 black and one red to represent the different parts you've learned to advance to the next belt). However, Sensei Brenda quickly taught me my second set of self defence moves, and then I had to do 25 push-ups & 25 sit-ups to get my last two stripes. So now I'm able to take part in the grading and hopefully by Friday, I'll be sporting a lovely orange belt!!

Due to these two busy evenings, I'll be missing some Sens games, but I'm hoping the boys get some more victories under their belts to extend their current winning streak. GO SENS GO!!

That's all for now! Have a great afternoon, everyone! :)

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Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Good blog today, I liked the different mini topics.

Good luck on your orange belt challenge, I am sure you will do great.

I started decorating the house last night. I put the garland and lights on my railing and when Wayne got home he brought down the Christmas Tree. I told him I wasn't planning on doing it, but if he wanted to, he could. So he put it up and strung the lights in it and around the second window and it's all ready for ornaments.

I will be doing them tonight while watching the Season Finale of America's Next Top Model.

Tomorrow is class... I hope to be done my homework so I can submit and leave if he doesn't plan on talking about the unavoidable exam that will be next thursday.

Anyways, put your sunglasses on before you head outside, it's a bright one today!