Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was just checking out Stuntman Stu's Blog ( and I found the following excerpt from today's post:

I'm flipping between that and the celeb obsessed which now has a show where you can watch stars act like a-holes on the Hollywood strip. What kills me is when a former A lister like Woody Harrelson who's done nothing worthwhile since Cheers ended 15 years ago, gets upset when there's a lens up in his face. Woody, if you don't like the cameras move to Quyon.

Yep. He mentioned Quyon in his Blog! Not sure Stu knows where Quyon is or anyone from my darling little hometown, or perhaps he just Googled the most absurd town names in the world and chose it and doesn't even realize he's just across the river from said village. Or maybe he does. But he's clearly not that familiar with our stomping grounds, or he'd know that if a celeb, even one as washed up as Woody Harrelson, showed up in Quyon, there's probably be more flashes going off than there ever would be on the Hollywood strip!!

Anyways, just had to share the snippet with you! :)


Stuntman Stu said...

I know it well, drank too many quarts in the old days. It was more of a comment that he should move there to avoid the constant papparazzi...

Sharon said...

JILL You have drawn in your very own celebrity commentator!

Jill said...

OK, I know I'm a complete goof, but I think it's soooo cool that Stu left a comment on my Blog!

Welcome, Stuntman!! I take it you've been to Gavan's, then? ;)

lolly said...

Quyon is definatly the place "get away from it all"!! Perhaps Mr. Harrleson would like a dose of "the quiet life" Chez Casa Proulx. He'd be beggin' for his celebrity lifestyle back in a heartbeat.
And Stu, if you were ever served up a quart by an angry, "robust" waitress in the late '80's early '90's .......that was me ......sorry for the crappy service.....but bet the beer was tasty!!
and Jill:
Cograts or your did a fantastic job!!
see you in the new year!!

Hey Jill:
Cograts or your did a fantastic job!!

Jill said...

Lolly!! How did you find me??!! This is so weird, my little Blog is suddenly blossoming! haha!!

And congrats to you as well on your yellow belt!! :) Awesome!!

lolly said...

don't want to creep you out jill, but I've been following your blog for quite some time now......didn't want to comment 'til you could put a name to the face......knowwhatimsayin??
......("who's this creepy 'ol "lolly" person and why does't she comment on my blogs??!!")....anywho.....have a great day.....and next time you talk to tammy in class.....ask her on her new approach to picking up cute's very original!!

Sharon said...

Who's lolly.

Jill did you read in the Equity, apparently my name is Sarah Hobbs AHHAHAHAH

Jill said...

Lolly lives near me & she's also in Karate.

I had no idea I had "secret readers" out there! But the more the merrier - hope you've been enjoying it. And I'll DEFINITELY ask Tammy how to pick up cute guys - I need all the help I can get!!

Sharon, I saw that in the Equity, and I was thinking it must be you!! What was it that you won, a glass box??

Sharon said...

yes a glass box lol

I hope it's the one with the brown ribbon, it was pretty.