Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Season of the Donatos

When Big Brother 8 kicked off this past June, there were 2 big twists in the house. The first was that 6 people were playing with someone they had unfinished business with from the past. The second was that one player was secretly working for the American public, performing tasks and casting votes as he was directed by them.

Early on, it seemed that the America's Player twist would be far more significant, as Eric quietly worked away, earning the trust and respect of his housemates while advancing himself further and further in the game, completing his tasks and moving closer and closer to the half-million prize. Meanwhile, the 3 pairs of housemates who already knew each other were dropping like flies. First Carol, Jessica's former BFF, was axed in week 1. Then Joe, Dustin's ex-lover, was sent packing in week 2. That left only Dick and Daniele Donato, the estranged father and daughter, left competing in the house.

While Dick and Daniele had a rocky start in the house, with many arguments and screaming-matches, the eventually cemented themselves as a strong team. While they didn't always agree with each other's strategies - Dick disapproved of Daniele's relationship with Nick, and Daniele was always at odds with Dick's volatile behaviour - they always remained loyal to one another, and they pretty much became the masterminds in the BB household.

They formed an alliance mid-way through the game with America's Player, Eric, and his showmance, Jessica. Then, last week, on a double-eviction night, the ushered both of their allies out of the house. Next, they made quick work of weakling Jameka. And then they went head-to-head with another of their former allies, Zach, and last Thursday night, the defeated him as well.

With America's Player evicted, Dick and Daniele Donato officially became the biggest story in this season of Big Brother, and they may have even become the biggest storyin Big Brother history. As Dick pointed out, no other "team" has ever been able to achieve Final 2 status in any other season. Not Jason and Danielle in Season 3, not Janelle and Howie in Season 6, not even Chilltown - the Evil Dr. Will and Mike Boogie - could do it - in either of their seasons (2 & 7)!

Dick and Daniele have talked the talk and they have walked the walk. Every time they said they were going to do something, they did it. They intimidated, they bragged, and they conquered. They have been in jeopardy on numerous occasions, and they have always managed to flip it over and re-gain the power. Everytime they were down and out, they found a way to save themselves. They have epitomized what it is to be the best BB players ever. Even Dr. Will, widely considered the King of Big Brother, has to be impressed.

All of this being said, Dick and Daniele's domination has largely taken any fun or suspense out of tonight's finale. It really doesn't matter who the jury decides to crown the victor, because as father and daughter, they will likely share the money, and thus, both are winners. However, they will always be remembered as the strongest alliance to ever play the game, and in the long run, I think (and hope) that the Big Brother experience will strengthen their relationship and bring them closer. For them, I think that should be the biggest reward of all.

Dick said it a few weeks ago, and his prophecy has been fulfilled: It has, indeed, been the Season of the Donatos!!

Final Prediction: Dick wins by a 4-3 vote, and then prompty vows to share his winnings with his daughter. Awwwwww....


Sharon said...

Story book ending as always eh Jill

Jill said...

Hey Sharon, tried to leave a comment earlier but the net's been friggin up lately here!

Anyways - yes, this time, it will be a storybook ending, and I'm pretty happy with it. Since Nick left, Dick and Daniele have been the only players I've rooted for consistently. It's really a miracle that they're still there together, especially after how vile and rude Dick was with most of the other houseguests. They're both the most deserving - they worked hard.

But you don't even watch this show, so why am I rambling? haha! sorry!!

Sahron said...

Meh... don't matta to me, I read the whole blog on it so I have had a nice recap of the season.