Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Evil Dick...And Evil Hugh Adami

So my prediction was almost right for last night's finale of Big Brother 8. I expected it to be a close vote of 4-3, with Dick taking the top prize over his daughter, Daniele. As it turned out, the jury did give Dick the crown, but at a 5-2 vote. I would have been happy either way - I truly believe the Donatos were the best players in that house. But once again, the America's Player twist stole the show - when Julie finally revealed to the houseguests that Eric was playing for the American public, it was hilarious to see the look of shock on the jury members' faces! Especially Jessica. She looked absolutely floored. It was clear that Eric never did tell her his secret, which I suspected he would once they were alone together in the sequester house. The only bad thing about it was I felt it took a little lustre off of Dick's win. They continually mentioned how Dick easily would have been evicted many weeks before if Eric hadn't been told to evict Dustin instead. The thoughts of Dustin sitting in the Final 2 make my skin crawl. Thank God for America's Player!!

Now from Evil Dick, we go to Evil Hugh Adami, a sports reporter for the Ottawa Citizen. Mr. Adami and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye, but I became especially frustrated with him after last season, the first round of the playoffs, he tsk-tsked the people of Ottawa for booing superstar Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He thought the boo-birds were classless and mean to the freshest young star this league has seen since Wayne Gretzky.

I said: "Poor freakin' Sid". As fans, it's our right to try and throw off the other team in any way possible, and I believe the fans only started harrassing the Boy Wonder after he had whined and complained repeatedly to the refs after he flopped dramatically to the ice time and time again. Being chastised by the media for being emotional and showing their displeasure for the opposing team did not sit well with Sens Fans. They attacked Adami by sending letters and calling in to the Team 1200. I held a grudge against him myself, and since then, I've largely discounted his articles, if I even read them to begin with.

But today, under his headline "Only matter of time now", was a picture of Wade Redden. So thus, I was forced to sit and read the idiot's story. I really wish I hadn't.

Evil Hugh spent half a page proclaiming that Wade Redden is on his way out of town following the 5-year extension handed to Mike Fisher yesterday. He claimed the Fisher signing left the writing on the wall that Redden is no longer welcome here, and this season will be his "farewell tour" with the Sens.

Now, I'm not stupid - I know it's not looking good for Wade to stay with the Sens past this year, unless he chooses to stay with the Sens and take a pay-cut. However, I think that possibility is entirely likely. He's been here for 10 years, he chose to stick with this team instead of test the waters of Unrestricted Free Agency as Zdeno Chara did, and he has done so much for the community. Why would he want to leave now? Why is it so hard to believe that Bryan Murray will offer him a multi-year extension, for a reasonable sum of money, and promise to make him a Senator for life?

I think it can happen. I've got my fingers crossed. And I hope the day it does happen, Hugh Adami remembers the article he had published today, and realizes how terribly wrong he was.



priscilla said...

I'm just glad I get to check out Mike for another 5 years!

Sharon said...

Nice blog Jill.

PK my mom would agree with you.

I am glad they signed Fisher for 5 years. And I hope for your sake Jill that they also sign Redden.

Any word on the exact time of the Banquet Jill?

Jill said...

Hey Sharon,
I just called Stacy, and she's not sure, she says Ricky won't give her a straight answer, but she thinks it's at 7. So I'll ask Ricky on FAcebook and see if I can get you a definite time!

As for Fisher - I was very happy with his signing, that's why it pissed me off that Mr. Adami decided to rain on my parade. God, I hope Wade stays too...

Jill said...

Banquet's definitely at 7.

Sharon said...

GREAT! I didn't want to be early if it was 6:30 and I didn't want to be late either.

Thanks for the definite answer! I will relay to Wayne!