Friday, September 21, 2007

Jill's Early Survivor Impressions

Here's some of my early impressions of Suvivor: China...

- I refuse to take seriously a guy who calls himself "Frosti".

- I already detest the skinny blonde girl named Courtney. She's a total knob. She couldn't even show respect for the Buddhist welcoming ceremony that Probst put them through at the beginning. It was funny to watch that Chinese monk impatiently slapping at her hands, though! Then she bitched and whined about her teammates, because they're not "city people". Ugh.

- The Christian Radio DJ was also a little annoying when she backed out of the welcoming ceremony, even after Jeff told them it was not a worship ceremony. I guess everyone has their own reasons and beliefs, but c'mon...Just suck it up and soak in the experience. I'm sure God's not going to hold it against you.

- Has there ever been a more clueless bunch of Survivors? I'm not even sure some of them even saw the show before. There were skimpy dresses, spike heels, combat boots...One girl even tried to get Probst to let her grab a bra from her suitcase. Seriously. It's Survivor, for crying out loud...Be prepared!

- My favourite tribe was the one with the two hot guys: James, the extremely buff grave-digger with a smile that could melt your heart, and Aaron, the surfing instructor, who's just an all-round hottie. Both will be fine for a few weeks, I'm sure, but they both may become big targets: James is very quiet, and already confessed that he'll have problems with the social side of the game; and Aaron was pretty much forced into the leadership role right off the bat, so he's bound to step on some toes sooner or later. However, these two guys may be the hottest Survivors to play the game since Colby Donaldson (*sigh*), so hopefully they're around for the long-haul!

- I didn't know someone could be gay and a Mormon at the same time. But apparently, flight attendant Todd is.

- Luke had a problem right off the bat with with former model, Dave. I was OK with him until he pleaded with his tribe to "pretty please" work hard to get the shelter done. Pretty please? Seriously?

- The Chinese girl, whom I shall refer to as PG-13, was bossy and frustrated with her silly tribe. If I were her, I'd have most been frustrated with Ashley the wrestler who did the "sick thing" for a few days, all huddled up in a ball and shivering while trying to make herself puke.

- The old dude named Chicken reminded me of Robin Williams. His voice drove me insane, but otherwise, I thought Chicken was an OK dude. He tried to voice his opinion on the first day and was shot down, so he gave up trying. Then his tribe got mad at him for not offering his opinions anymore. It still sticks in my craw that a tribe that had both Ashley and PG-13 to vote off, they chose Chicken instead. I don't think he got a fair shake.

- The lunch lady has a pretty snazzy mullet.

- Jean-Robert, the pro Poker player, should really, really keep his shirt on. Eww.

- James should always - always - keep his shirt off. Yum.

Look forward to Survivor updates every Friday! Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


Sharon said...

I will definetly look forward to reception updates because I will miss the entire season due to class.

However, I am a little perplexed that there has been no mention of the 2 pre-season wins that the Senators have conjured up for their #1 Fan... common Jill, where is the love?

So tonight is ball banquet, that should be interesting! What are you wearing Jill lol

Jill said...

Well that's too bad that you're going to miss this season of Survivor, Sharon - looks like it's going to be a good one!

And no, I have not mentioned the pre-season wins, mainly because I haven't paid enough attention to make any comments, other than I'm extremely pleased with how we've been doing so far! That being said, it's just pre-season...I wouldn't pay $70 to see a pre-season game, unlike my brother. I'm trying to hold off hitting you guys with a barrage of Sens Talk until the games actually count...But don't worry, I'm still the biggest fan ever, and loving that it's that time of the year again! WHEEEEEEEE!!

Can't wait for tonight! I'm going to wear one of my finest gowns...hahaha!