Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let the Hockey Talk Begin!!

Seems like just yesterday I was vowing no more hockey talk for the summer.

Well, guess what, folks. Today, the Ottawa Senators Training Camp officially begins!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!

Yesterday marked the beginning of hockey season in my world with Wade Redden's colour photo gracing the front page of the Citizen Sports section. The story below his handsome mug told of how he's focused and ready to prove his worth this season, and how he'd like to put the trade talk of the summer behind him. The article certainly didn't rule out a trade in the future - in fact, it promised constant rumours until the trade deadline in February, at which point they figure the "Redden Dilemma" will be solved. Murray will either be looking for a new home for him until that point, or he will be attempting to sign him to a contract extension, so that he doesn't have to see him slip away for nothing in Unrestricted Free Agency when next summer rolls around.

However, all of this trade-talk mumbo-jumbo was really secondary to me after reading the first few lines of the story. It was in those first few lines that I got some rather devastating, yet still uplifting news: Wade Redden got engaged.


My boy, all grown up now, is going to be getting married sometime in the near future!!

It was a very odd feeling - one of crushing defeat mixed with surging pride. I've been following this man's life as a hockey player quite closely for about 12 years now. When he turned 30 this past June, I did some reflecting on what it was like when he was just an 18-year-old, starting fresh in the NHL, and how far he and I have come since then. Now, he's actually going to get married. It kinda makes me tear up a little bit.

I wish Wade Redden years of happiness with his soon-to-be-bride. I wish him all the love in the world. I wish him a lifetime of laughter.

But most of all, I wish it was me...

OK, so that wasn't really hockey talk...but there's gonna be plenty of it to come, so brace yourselves!!



Sharon said...

Oh I am getting all revved up already!

Very nice Jill! Not too much hatred towards the bride to be, I am proud of you.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a stalker!


Sharon said...

ME?!?!? I sound like a Stalker, or Jill... sorry, just a little confused on that one. lol

Jill said...

He means me...And how do I sound like a stalker?? I read it in the paper, it's not like I was tapping on Wade's window, inquiring as to what his relationship status was...sheesh! ;)

And no, I have little hatred towards Wade's girl (I believe her name is Danika) - I just hope she knows what a lucky girl she is!!

Sharon said...

FEW... I didn't understand Lukes sudden angst towards my otherwise nice comment.

Danika eh... that's a different name.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Redden! He had said in an article way back that he wanted to be married by 30, well, close enough. I hope the Sens keep him. It would be nice for him to stay with the same team, plus he is an asset to the team. He is a great hockey player when not injured!