Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some random Tuesday ramblings

Happy Tuesday, friends!!  Here's a little random on this chilly Tuedsay...

  • Anybody else feel like January is literally crawling by?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  These colder, quieter winter months are my absolute favourite, so I don't mind at all!  It just feels like Christmas was a million years ago, and it's only the middle of January.  I guess far too often I complain that time is flying by too quickly, so I'll embrace this January "crawl".
  • I've been soaking up all the things I love to do in this slower time of year.  I have a 1000 piece puzzle on the go, I've been getting in some extra reading (FINALLY finished The One Hundred Year Old Man, well into The Handmaid's Tale now), I made a giant pot of pasta sauce and homemade bread last week, and of course Netflix... LOTS of time spent with Netflix!!
  • Speaking of Netflix... I have a new love.  It feels like it's been a long time since I've had a new love, but it finally happened.  Outlander.  Jamie.  IN. LOVE!!!!!!  Sadly, I blew through the two seasons on Netflix in under two weeks, so Jamie is already gone from my life. (at least, until Season 3 appears).  It's hard to let go of my loves when the episodes run out. *sigh*  Jamie was a good one.
  • So now I'm back into Shameless again.  While I was into Outlander, Season 7 of Shameless landed on Netflix, so at least I had an old favourite to return to once Jamie was done.  Sometimes when I "return" to a show after being away from it, I discover I don't enjoy it as much (this happened to me with Scandal, The Mindy Project, and Suits) - but thankfully, I'm still loving Shameless as much as I did the first time around!  Those crazy Gallaghers...
  • So, remember when I said 2018 was "The Year of Saving"??  Well, so far, so good.  Goal #1 was to have Christmas (my credit card) paid off by the end of January, and barring any disasters, I think that should be achievable.  After that, the goal will be to NOT be tempted to ring up a bunch of new clothing or Amazon purchases, and get a nice cushion built in the ol' bank account.  While I don't have any trips or big expenditures planned for 2018, there are quite a few weddings coming up this summer and all the events that will go with them, so it would be nice to go into that knowing I have some dollars saved up. Here's hoping.
  • Heart palpitation update:  Still happening, but definitely to a lesser degree, more like light flutters several times a day than the big thumps & stutter-steps I was getting back before Christmas.  I guess the medication is working.  I had my appointment at the Heart Institute on Saturday, for an echo-cardiogram, which went smoothly - at least as far as I can tell.  The technician can't say anything, he just has the reports sent on to a cardiologist and my own doctor, but he didn't gasp or cry or rush me into a heart transplant surgery, so I'm gong to take that as a good sign.
  •  You know what I want?  A SNOWSTORM.  Like a big, giant, 40cm dumping.  We haven't had one of those in a long time.  We lost a lot of our snow last week in a January thaw, when it poured rain for 2 days straight and went to 10 degrees. ugh.  Seems like it's either -30 or +10 this winter.  No in between.  How about a nice -5 and 40 cm's of snow?  I want to be snowed in.  I want to have added reason to hibernate.  Come on, Mother Nature.
  • I'm pretty aware that the above paragraph will have a lot of my friends and family screaming at me. Whatever.  I'm Elsa, bitches.
  • Songs I'm loving lately:  Perfect by Ed Sheeran (especially the Beyonce version), River by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran (have I mentioned lately how much I love Ed Sheeran??), Filthy by JT (took a few listens, but I'm digging it), Lost in the Light by Bahamas (no idea how I stumbled across it, but I love it), and Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello (which is nice, because that Havana oh nana song DRIVES me up the wall).  Also, my strange iTunes purchase of the week is an Elton John hits compilation that was on sale.  I have never been a big Elton fan, but I just felt drawn to it.  And yes, I am loving it, too.
  • I have another quiet weekend coming up (knock on wood) which I'm looking forward to.  I have to take my car for an oil change on Friday, I have to make soup for next week's Soup & Sandwich at some point, and I have a paint day with Shannon booked for Monday, but otherwise, it will be another weekend of puzzling, reading, and Netflixing.  My FAVOURITE!!! :)
What's new and random in YOUR world???


ShannonJMc27 said...

I was thinking the heart palpitations were maybe anxiety-related. I didn't realize that it was a potential heart issue. Hope everything is ok!

Stacy said...

Maddy and I picked Perfect for our wedding song!!!

Nicole said...

We were watching Fuller House and ran out of episodes. The new season is up and our internet is wonky so we don't have it where we can watch Netflix. We've been supposed to get better internet, but.... well, we've been frozen and snowed under. I guess we got your snowstorm :). Maybe soon!