Friday, December 01, 2017

Hello, December!!!

Happy Friday friends!!  And HAPPY DECEMBER!!! 

I admit, I'm feeling a little rough today.  I curled late game last night, and we seemed to have to do a pile of sweeping. LOL  My arms are like jelly, but on top of that, I'm always too wound up post-curling, and end up staying up way later than I normally would.  Last night, it was 1 AM before I finally konked out.  And I didn't even have a drink, but I feel hungover.  Just tired and achy.  Blech.  (but we won, so... worth it? I guess?)

Anyways, whatever.  No time to be tired and hungover today, because it's FRIDAY!  And it's DECEMBER 1st!!!  So much excitement going down in the coming days, I can't even contain myself!!!  Here's what up in my world right now:

  • So, I've had this idea brewing in my mind since last December, when several of my friends were posting the daily shenanigans of their Elf on the Shelf elves.  I have this giant elf that my aunt won in a silent auction and then gave to me.  Most of my friends and relatives think he's creepy AF, but I think he's quite delightful and I have learned to enjoy tormenting the general public with my giant creepy elf.  So, I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if Lyndonne got into mischief too?"  I thought it might get a few laughs if I started posting my big ol' elf getting into things during the month of December.  The idea would cross my mind every now and then throughout the year, and I would smile and think, "yeah, that'll be fun".  It wasn't until I brought Lyndonne out of storage a week ago that I suddenly realize, "Crap.  I actually have to come up with stuff for a giant elf to do!!"  The idea has blossomed, and I have a list of fun for Lyndonne to get into over the coming weeks.  I was so excited to get up this morning and post Day 1.  Lyndonne is ON THE LOOSE!!!
  • I also got to have chocolate for breakfast.  Nothing quite as exciting as opening that first little door on the el-cheapo Advent Calendar!!
  • I also have a "big girl" Advent Calendar... a David's Tea Advent Calendar that was gifted to me!!  I've been dying to crack into it, and I excitedly removed the little Day 1 tin of "Let It Snow" tea to bring to work with me today.  Can't wait to try it out.
  • I'm hoping to have time for a quick nap after work today to re-charge the batteries, then I will be off to the annual Cookie Exchange I take part in at my friend Sharon's, and I'm very much looking forward to it!
  • Tomorrow will be a day of tidying up the house and prepping, as the ladies will be arriving late afternoon for our annual Christmas get-together!  This year, we are having a Mitten Mayhem party - where you take a pair of mittens or gloves and fill them with little Christmas goodies, and then play a game to exchange the mittens.  (Which reminds me... I need to look up a game to play for the exchange!)  There will be delicious snacks, and...well...probably not a whole lot of drinks, as many of my friends are currently expecting babies, but I still expect it to be lots of fun and have lots of laughs!
  • Sunday will be church, and then another day of prepping, this time for the Christmas House Tour!!  No, I'm not actually on the tour, but as one of the main organizers, there's still plenty to be done.  Sorting out last-minute tickets sales, delivering the door prizes to the home owners who are on the Tour this year, making food for the refreshment table... I'm sure it will all keep me busy!
  • And then Monday is the Christmas House Tour!!  One of my favourite events of the holiday season!!  Our church has been hosting this Tour for years, and I've personally been involved in the organization of it for quite a while now.  I so look forward to seeing the beautifully decorated homes, and greeting everyone out that night.  Such a festive, put-me-in-the-spirit kind of night!  Can't wait!!
There's been a lot going on the past few weeks, and while I'm soaking it all up and enjoying every minute, I am also kind of looking forward to a quieter week next week once House Tour is over... Still have Christmas Book Club Potluck coming up, but then I think most of my big Christmas parties and events are over and I'll be able to settle in, hunker down, wrap and watch movies and sip some rum & egg nog... mmm.  Bliss!!!

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Stacy said...

After my Elf on the shelf posting last night I can't believe you actually are doing it for FUN...I cringe at having to come up with things every night and you WANT to do it...come on down (but not on weekends, I closed that shop)