Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

  • I'm loving that it's almost Canada Day! One of my favourite celebrations of the year!!  Our little town always puts on a big splash for Canada Day, but we do it up the day before. I hear this year the fireworks are going to be the biggest we've ever had, and I can't wait.  I'm very much looking forward to Friday night, for the parade, fireworks, fun in the park... fingers crossed for good weather!  

  • I love that it's a long weekend coming up.  Honestly, aside from Friday night, I have zero plans - so I'm hoping something fun comes up for Saturday, which is actually Canada Day.  I have no desire to go to the Hill for the huge celebrations planned there, but maybe we can go somewhere locally - perhaps up to Shawville to check out their festivities and fireworks?  Maybe just a deck day at home, checking in on the TV to see what's up in the city? We shall see...
  • I'm loving that summer is finally here, and thinking of all the fun coming up.  Truthfully, it hasn't felt much like summer yet - it's been a rainy, cool few months around here - but I want to make the best of this summer, regardless of weather.  Simple things, like I want to go to the beach more, I want to read on the deck more, I want to eat popsicles and go for long walks and just enjoy it.  
  • I love that it's almost July, which means the Ed Sheeran concert in Montreal is just around the corner, and it also means that the Quyon Tractor & Truck Pull is coming up!  It falls on my birthday weekend, so I'm VERY excited for my "birthday party" this year!!!
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE PRISON BREAK YOU GUYS!!!  I think the addiction is just as bad the second time around as it was the first.  It's been several years since I watched it originally, and I had forgotten so much of what happens.  I'm sucked right back in again, watching 3-4 episodes a night.  I just started Season 3 last night, and it's already making me sad to think of it ending.  I have a feeling the withdrawals are going to be just as bad as the first time... I literally fantasize about Michael all the time!
  • Loving that I'm dabbling a little in writing some fan fiction.  It's something I've done a little bit in the past, especially with Twilight, but I haven't done any in a long time.  Now I'm writing again; this time about Michael and Sara.  While the show centers on the craziness of breaking out of prison (several times) and the two of them struggling to be together and have a normal life despite the many obstacles they face, I've always loved the thought of the two of them leaving all the mayhem behind and just being a normal, happy, married couple.  Which is what I've been writing about.  And it's
  • Oh, I almost forgot!  My new favourite song!  After seeing Imagine Dragons perform their new song "Thunder" on Jimmy Fallon last week, I went immediately to download it, and I've been listening to it non-stop every since.  I LOVE this song!!!
  • It's still a long way off yet, but I love thinking about our girls trip to Nova Scotia in September.  I can't wait!!!
What are YOU loving this Wednesday??  :)

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Okay, what is fan fiction?