Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tuesday Randoms: On Relay for Life, Bobby Ryan, and other things...

  • This past weekend was the annual Pontiac Relay for Life, and it was another memorable one for the books!  I can honestly say I had the best time I think I've ever had at a Relay.  It is always a special night filled with poignant moments, but my first year was an extremely emotional one, and I think every year I've participated in since, I haven't handled the exhaustion that sets in during the wee hours of the morning very well.  This year, though?  I have no idea why, but the night seemed to fly by, everyone seemed to get along really well, and while I was exhausted by the time it was over, I was still laughing with my Slipper Sisters over every little thing.  Like I said... it was one for the books!

  • For me, the Survivor's Lap was the toughest part.  The Relay always begins with the Survivor's Lap, as the survivors and their caregivers kick things off being led around the track by a bagpiper, while the rest of us stand along the sides cheering them on.  I couldn't stop thinking of photos I have from last year's Survivor's Lap, and the people who weren't there to partake in it this year.  One of my mom's cousins who walked in it last year just recently passed away, and another of her cousin's husband who walked last year is going through treatments again and was unable to attend.  Just couldn't stop thinking of them...

  • Of course, lighting the luminaries is always an emotional moment, though I find it easier to get through as the years go by.  I proudly lit Dad's luminaries, then made my way around the track lighting all of the other luminaries we had purchased in honour or in memory of loved ones.  It's a beautiful but bittersweet moment.
  • This year, the organizers had scheduled Bingo games we could join in on at 2 AM, and I have to say it was one of my favourite parts of the night.  I was having the worst frigging luck in the world, it was so bad it was hilarious.  There were various prizes and gift certificates to win, but there were two big prizes to win:  a $1000 donation made by a local business had been split into two $500 prizes, which would go to the winning team's fundraising efforts.  The first $500 prize went without any of us coming close, and then the last game of the night was for the other $500 prize.  We were playing the inside square, and I swear, a million numbers had been called and I wasn't even close.  I shouted out loud:  "THIS IS THE STUPIDEST GAME EVERRRRR"... and then they started calling my numbers bing, bang, boom.  All I needed was I 28, and sure enough, it was called!  BINGO!!!!!  Unfortunately (for me), another player also got Bingo so we split the prize.  Still, being able to add an extra $250 towards our team was pretty nice!  
  • Our team finished in 4th place in total fundraising efforts, reaching gold status and raising an all-time best for us of over $8000.  Ironically enough, it came down to that late-night Bingo game that determined our fate in the "standings" - the team that I shared my Bingo winnings with edged us out for 3rd place!  Regardless, we were very proud of our accomplishments in fundraising this year, and I'd especially like to give a big THANK YOU to the family & friends who supported me in my efforts as I walked in memory of Dad.  I was able to raise $725 in donations, then the $250 was icing on the cake.  Thanks to all for your love & support!! xoxo
  • Now moving on from Relay... anyone who has been around me over the past few days has already heard this story, and I apologize to all of you who are sick of hearing about it, but... I have a new favourite Senator I think.  Last Friday morning, I awoke and instantly wanted to fall back asleep because I was having the best dream.  And in my dream, Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Ryan was my boyfriend.  He was playing in a charity hockey tournament in our area, where celebrities were playing against locals, and he had been billeted to stay at my house during the tournament.  I don't remember watching any hockey at all, but I made Bobby supper every night when he'd come home, and I introduced him to Asian Pears and he loved them... and it made him somehow fall in love with me.  It was pure bliss being Bobby Ryan's girlfriend, I tell you.  
  • (and this is EXACTLY the grey hoodie Bobby was wearing in my dream!!!)
  • I told my mom about my dream the next morning, and her reaction was:  "Jillian!  He is a married man!!"  Right.  Of course.  THAT'S the illogical part about this whole thing... ;)
  • So you're probably wondering... "But Jill!  What about Mark Stone?!  I thought you just decided that he was your favourite?!"  And honestly, I don't know what to tell you.  I still love my Marky too, but... he wasn't in the dream.  It was just Bobby.  *sigh*
  • Needless to say... the Sens can't come back to me soon enough.  I miss them dearly.
  • Also... as the Stanley Cup Finals roll on, I have come to realize that I'm a really bitter person, and if I can't win the Stanley Cup, I don't want anyone else to, either.  I thought I was cheering for the Preds, but now that they've won two games and tied the series up, I am still not happy.  People have said to me, "But don't you want to see Mike Fisher win the Cup?"  No, not really.  I want to see my guys win the Cup.  Sadly, Mike's not one of my guys anymore...
  • And on top of that, Carrie Underwood's victory videos, dancing to "All I Do is Win" make me insanely jealous.
  • Something to look forward to:  My friend Lindsay has been planning a girls weekend trip to her parents' place in Nova Scotia this coming September, and we actually booked our flights last week.  Once those tickets are purchased, it all feels so much more real!  I went a couple of years ago just Linds and I, and we had a blast, but I'm also looking forward to experiencing the East Coast with a bigger group of friends.  Can't wait!!!
  • Things have been a wee bit on the dark & gloomy side around here lately, weather-wise.  People are sick and tired of it, but you know what?  I really don't mind it.  My mom tells me I get that from my dad...  he always loved a rainy day.  As long as I don't have outdoor plans, I'd take a rainy, gloomy day anytime.  Makes me just want to cozy up in a blanket and read or watch movies.  (I guess that's the same reason I like snow, isn't it? haha!)
Happy Tuesday, friends :)

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