Friday, June 23, 2017

Reasons Why This Hasn't Been the Best Week of My Life

  • Marc Methot was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL expansion draft.  And I was NOT happy about it.
  • Erik Karlsson didn't win the Norris Trophy.  Some goofy looking beast of a guy with a gigantic beard, no front teeth, and a MAN-BUN beat him.  After EK's best season EVER.  I don't even understand what is going on with the world.
  • Jimmy Fallon grew a mustache.#summerofstache #notafan
  • I've been trying to decide who's my favourite hockey player: Bobby Ryan or Mark Stone.  And I can't decide. I feel so off-kilter, not knowing who my favourite hockey player is!!!

  • Kids in our town (and I'm making an assumption when I say "kids") have decided to tear up the flower planter boxes around town a few nights in a row.  And that just drives me bananas.  People say we have nothing nice in this town, but when people make an effort to do something nice, it is destroyed.  If I ever catch them, let me tell you...
  • I haven't had nearly enough time with Michael Scofield this week.
  • Did I mention Marc Methot?  Gone to Vegas?  Seriously.  HOW did this happen??  I'm soooo not impressed.
So, yes, I've been a wee bit disgruntled.  But there's good news.  It's Friday.  I have a relaxing, fun weekend ahead.  And it's raining, which I enjoy.  Sets me up perfectly for my quiet Friday night in, watching Prison Break and movies.  

It'll get better.

Happy Friday friends!!


Anonymous said...

I am disgruntled lately too. I don't know what it is but I really need to turn it around!

Nicole said...

I agree on the mustache thing. He doesn't look good with a mustache. I was thinking that the other day.