Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday Loves!

Happy Wednesday pals!  It's been awhile since I've done a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" post, so here it goes!

I'm loving that the NHL playoffs start today, and I'm super-pumped to cheer on my Ottawa Senators as they take on the Boston Bruins in the first round.  This is a playoff match-up that we've never had before, and I'm excited to see how it plays out!  Go Sens Go!!

It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but I am definitely loving Wentworth!  I started it on the weekend after I finished Life In Pieces, and I almost abandoned it after the first episode. But I told myself to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did.  It's intense, and sometimes it's hard to watch - things happen in an all-female prison that aren't always very pleasant! - but the story lines definitely have me hooked, and I like how so far each episode has given a little insight into several key characters and what has brought them there.  My friend Stacy highly recommended the show, and early on she told me she likes Franky, and I was like, "No way! She's a bad guy!" But now that I'm seven or eight eps in, I can definitely say I'm on Franky's side!

I love that Lent is almost over!  We're in the midst of Holy Week, which means I'm on the homestretch... I will soon have potatoes back in my life!!!  Visions of poutine dancing in my head...I swear, I CANNOT wait!

I also love that I've made my McD's date with Lindsay and Sam for next week.  Up until now, I've been trying not to think about it, because it makes me drool and crave and wish I could go RIGHT NOW.  But now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I can get excited for it.  YUM!

Totally loving that Prison Break is BACK!!!  But totally not loving that my PVR shifted priorities on me, so when I sat down to watch it last night, it was recording The Voice instead.  Argh!!  I had to set a new timer for midnight to catch it then.  I'll have to try and squeeze it in before the Sens game tonight.

I LOVE my new Easter wreath that my mom made for me yesterday!  It's so cute and cheerful hanging on my front door!

I'm loving all the fun plans that are set for this weekend, and that they are equally balanced with quiet downtime.  It's my last long weekend of the season (back to full time next week), and so I want to make the most of it, yet also enjoy some relaxing Netflix time too.  Our year-end curling party is Thursday night, so I imagine I'll be "recovering" Friday morning... Then there is Good Friday service at church, and supper afterwards with the fam to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Saturday I'm taking my car in for a tire & oil change, so it will be a quiet day at home without wheels.  Sunday is Easter, with lots of fun going on - church, Easter eggs, family dinner, so much fun!  And then Monday will be another low-key Netflix day.  See?  Balance.  Fun stuff, and quiet time. Just perfect.

I absolutely LOVE that Jimmy Fallon is hosting Saturday Night Live this week!!  I can't WAIT to watch it!  I joined the SNL bandwagon late - after Jimmy's days on the show were long over - but one of my favourite episodes is the Christmas one from several years ago where he was the host and Justin Timberlake was the musical guest.  Can't wait to see Jimmy back on SNL again!

So much going on these days that I'm LOVING... puts me in a wonderful mood!  What are YOU loving this Wednesday??


Stacy said...

Glad you gave Wentworth a try and stuck to it. I love it.

Jen said...

Loving Wentworth! I just finished Suits and saw your comment about it on Facebook. I hate finishing a series...then having to pick the next one!