Friday, April 21, 2017

Five Things on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been a crazy week, but I'm going to take advantage of a few quiet moments on this rainy morning for a quick Friday Five post.

1. Ever have one of those weeks where it feels like you don't have a spare moment to breathe?  I'm exaggerating, of course, but this week has taken me out of my beloved routine, and I'm feeling the effects of it.  First of all, a short week always seems to be stressful.  Then I had appointments at the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday mornings which resulted in me having to be late to work both days (trying to get to the bottom of the "Do I have high blood pressure?  Do I not?  Am I just a psycho crazy lady?" dilemma. *sigh*) Between that, hockey games, busy time at work, etc. ... yeah.  Jill's a bit of a mess this week.

2. Thankfully, I know when I'm being a stressball freak and I know what I need to do to help it.  Last week, I got an order from Amazon, and one of the books I got was Jenny Lawson's "You Are Here: An Owner's Manual for Dangerous Minds".  It's a colouring book, a self-help book, a workbook, humour, inspiration, and advice from one of my favourite bloggers/authors, all rolled into one.  I haven't had much time this week to spend with it, but the few moments I've had to flip through it and to colour a little have helped calm me down.  Last night, I started a new workout program with Julia Clarke in Shawville.  She's the one I used to take Zumba classes with, now we're trying out Pound, and after just one class I can already say I'm in LOVE!  Such a stress relief pounding those drumsticks and getting a good sweat on.  And tonight, I'm doing another paint night.  I decided to give my mom my waterlily painting that I did a few weeks ago for her birthday, but I sneaked in to another group tonight to do it again for myself.  Reading, colouring, exercise, painting - all stress outlets for me, and much needed right now!

3. I had SUCH a wonderful date night this week with my friend Lindsay and her little guy Sam.  We have this tradition of going to McDonald's (one of my fave guilty pleasures) around Sammy's birthday, but this year we had to wait until after Lent, because I NEEDED to have McD's fries, yo.  Sam isn't very familiar with McDonald's, so when we told him we were going there, he was like, "McDonald Duck's?"  Then later we were trying to explain to him what a milkshake is, and he was like, "Momma, why you shake my num-nums?" Just wayyyy too cute.  As we left the restaurant, I was holding his hand, and I said, "Well, Sam, that was the best date I've had in a long time!" And he said, "NOPE!!!" hahahaha!! Story of my life!! ;)

4. I have a funeral to attend tomorrow morning, but then the rest of the day I'm going to just unwind, put on a pot of spaghetti sauce to simmer, and spend the afternoon/evening catching up on TV shows. Because of the hockey games and other things going on this week, I haven't had a chance yet to watch my Jimmy episodes, Prison Break, or Survivor.  I also just haven't had much time to get caught up in Wentworth this week, which I'm desperately in need of a fix of.  In still kind of blows my mind that at one time I couldn't imagine a Saturday night sitting at home doing nothing.  Now, I relish the thoughts.

5. Have I mentioned how much I love my Ottawa Senators, and in particular, Erik Karlsson? Have I mentioned how happy I am to be able to eat potatoes again?  Have I mentioned how happy I am that it's Friday?

Let's get this weekend rollin', folks...  :)

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