Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Five: WHERE did that week go?

Holy mother of pearl, the days fly by when it's this busy!  Punching out a quick Friday Five post before the weekend hits...

1. You know what I hate?  I HATE waking up with a headache.  Especially when I went to bed the night before feeling so damned good.  I had my second Pound class last night, and it felt amazing.  In the first class, I kind of felt like I spent a lot of the night standing still watching, or waving my ripstix in the air like a lunatic (I even hit myself in the head once) - but last night, I was able to get into it and boy, did I sweat!!  It felt soooo good.  Then I came home to catch the second half of the hockey game, which was SO much fun to watch, especially with our captain EK scoring an awesome goal in the dying minutes of regulation.  I went to bed on a real high, a big smile on my face.  And then woke up 8 hours later with a splitting headache.  No fair, universe.  No fair.

2.  I have done my ever-lovin' best to get my butt moving more this week, and it always amazes me how much better I feel about everything in general when I'm more active.  Since our Florida trip in January, my workouts had become sporadic at best, which spells trouble for me - physically AND mentally.  I went for long, fast-paced walks on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, did a Zumba workout Tuesday, and then Pound last night, along with re-incorporating my quick noon-hour walks at work.  I also got my Fitbit charged up and back in action.  Food-wise, I'm still struggling, but I tried to make better choices this week.  If the Easter candy that's still kicking around would just F off, I'd be in a lot better shape... ;)

3. The next few weekends are shaping up to be lots of fun!  Tomorrow is the Canada Day Committee's annual poker tournament here in town, and while I'm pretty bad at poker, I always enjoy playing in it and seeing how far I can make it.  (That said, the Sens play at 3 pm tomorrow, so if I'm out by then, I won't be upset because then I can go home and watch the game! haha!)  Next weekend is a Paint Night fundraiser for the local elementary school which I bought a ticket for, as well as a family shower.  And the weekend after that is our trip to TO for a Blue Jays game.  Very excited for all of the above!

4.  Wentworth.  Oh my God, you guys, WENTWORTH!!!  I'm soooo addicted to this show!!!  I finished Season 3 the other night, and I can't wait to watch more tonight!!  I've pretty much abandoned my promise to watch at least one movie/documentary/special other than a TV show each weekend, because I just CAN'T watch anything other than Wentworth and Jimmy Fallon and hockey games right now.  I'm even behind on Prison Break and Survivor right now.  That said, I've also reached the point when I'm starting to worry about it being over, since there's only 4 seasons on Netflix and I've been whizzing through each season in about a week... I really don't want this show to end!

5. I know I mentioned the Sens earlier, but seriously, can't say enough about how much I love this team.  I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!  I've had a hard time drumming up any real enthusiasm for the Sens since Daniel Alfredsson left several years ago.  I mean, at the start of the playoffs, I didn't even know who some of our players were.  "Who is this Stalberg guy? Never heard of him.  And Wingels? Dzingel?  Are these even real names???"  But now?  Now I love them... I love them all.  I didn't believe the organization would ever have a player who meant as much to the fans as Alfie did, but boy oh boy, Erik Karlsson is giving him a run for his money in the "legend" department.  This guy is ridiculous.  Pretty much every game, he does something that has the whole hockey world buzzing.  Last night he scored from practically behind the net.  Amazeballs.

Wishing you all a fab weekend!!  Enjoy!!


Leigh said...

Headaches definitely do suck! Did you drink while working out and after it? That could lead to a headache. have a great weekend!

Rev. Nancy Best said...

I wondered too if you were dehydrated, Jillian. Go Sens, Go!