Thursday, September 01, 2016

What I'm Going to Eat at the Fair

Before I begin, I just want to give a birthday shout-out to my oldest and dearest friend, Stacy!  Hope you have an awesome day celebrating!!  Welcome to the 33 Club! ;)

So, today is the first day of the Fair, and I'm so very excited.  Mostly for the food.  My God, I can't wait to eat fair food!!  Here is my list of the things I'm hoping to chow down on a the fair. (Don't worry, it's 5 days long, and I'm probably going to be there at least four of the five days, so I have time to spread it all out and eat everything I want.  My pants just might not fit next week, that's all.  haha!)

  1. Billy T's Pizza.  Billy T's is a popular local pizza place in Shawville, so this one might not seem to make sense - I could get Billy T's any day, why bother at the Fair?  Answer: because it tastes a million times more amazing at the Fair.  I don't know why, but I think maybe the lace Fair Pizza with crack or something?  You can smell it as soon as you walk in, and it just lures you to the pizza bus.  And then you're done.  Finished.  "GET ME 2 SLICES OF PEPPERONI. STAT!"
  2. Beavertails.  The Beavertail stand is a must-stop at least one night of the fair (maybe two).  This is usually the only time of the year I get to indulge in this special Canadian treat - deep-fried dough, tossed in cinnamon & eaten still piping hot!  YUM!  It's worth standing in the long lines for, trust me!
  3. 4H Burger.  It's always nice to support the local 4H Club by going for one of their world-famous burgers.  I get a cheeseburger with fried onions, and I swear I don't even really need anything else on it.  Delicious!  The booth is run by the 4H kids and their parents, and boy, are they kept hopping all weekend long.  It also provides a delicious smell while standing in "the spot".
  4. Bonnie's Food Booth. Bonnie's has become one of my favourite places to eat in recent years, and I can't even decide what I'm going for this year.  Bacon Curd Burger... Boneless Pub Style Wings... Bon's Button... Loaded Poutine... and just her plain ol' fries are amazeballs.  I seriously might just camp out at Bonnie's all weekend!
  5. The Pickle Vixen's Dilly Willys.  I admit, this isn't a fair treat I've ever gone for, but I've heard amazing things about them.  Recently I heard that this food truck is going to be closing, and the Shawville Fair is going to be one of their last stops, so I think I MUST try these famous Dilly Willys while I still can!
  6. Ice Cream.  In talking about fair food with my friend Lindsay the other day, she said since we now have an ice cream place in Quyon, she's not sure the ice cream stand at the fair is that important to her anymore.  Initially I agreed, but then I remembered that she has the Orange Pineapple ice cream that is rare, and so I think if she has it tonight, I WILL be getting a scoop or two!
  7. Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium. This was a new one for me last year.  They only have hot dogs and poutines.  Last year, I tried out the Nacho Libre poutine, which was a regular poutine (fries, curds, gravy) topped with salsa, sour cream, jalapeno cheese sauce, and crushed Doritos.  It was so frigging amazing, I've spent a whole year dreaming about it.  When you pay $10 for a poutine, you want it to be worth every cent, and this one definitely was.  I'm praying they are back this year.
  8. Lemonade.  It just isn't a trip to the Fair without at least one stop at the big giant lemon stand for a freshly squeezed lemonade.
  9. Mini Donuts.  I don't bother with the Midway concession stands much, but I will usually stop at the one that makes the mini powdered sugar donuts.  The bag is sopping in grease and full of powdered sugar and I can usually only eat one or two before I feel sick to my stomach, they are just so sweet and greasy, but my lord, those first few bites are scrumptious.
  10. Cotton Candy.  It's a must.  The last thing I do on my last exit from the Fair.  It's tradition.  It was always what Dad did when we were leaving the fair, he took us for cotton candy, and I still make sure I get a bag on my way out on the last day.  And then I pick away at it for a week and think about how much fun the fair was, and feel sad that it's over again for another year...
Lordy Jesus, I can't WAIT!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

OMG!! I can't wait either!!! I love all those places!!! My favs are Dilly Willies, 4H Burgers, Pizza from Billy Ts, Beavertails and those little mini donuts you get in the midway. I also love and also ALWAYS get:
- Pulled pork sandwich from the Backyard BBQ
- Poutine from Poutine Machine
- Fudge from the Fudge Factory
- I used to love the Cheesecake Factory but I don't think it was there last year :(
- Beer from the beer tent :)

When I was there last night getting my passes, looked like some new food trucks. Can't wait!!
Looking forward to gaining 10lbs hahaha

Lindsay said...

YUM! The picture of the old ladies in front the lemonade stand? That's us in 45 years at the fair! ha ha!

Ann W said...

Youm to every one of those above! It's Pittsburgh we call the Beavertails Elephant Ears! Love them all though!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Beavertail... the sound of it food wise sounds good... the name scares me....