Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Calamity Jill" & other things.

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Just going to do some random rambling today...

  • This past weekend was wonderfully boring.  I was a bit cantankerous going into it.  After the excitement of the Fair the weekend before, I was kind of blue that there was nothing going on this past weekend, but it ended up being A-OK.  Maybe exactly what the doctor ordered.  After a trip for groceries and supper out with my ma on Friday after work, I literally went into hibernation mode.  It felt good to just be at home doing mundane things for a change.
  • The best part of my weekend was definitely bingeing on Stranger Things on Netflix.  I had heard about this show, but didn't really think it would be my cup of tea.  It wasn't until Jimmy Fallon had the kids from the cast on his show one night recently that I decided maybe I should check it out. SO glad I did.  Even if it was a little bit creepy.  I loved the retro 80's feel, I enjoyed the storyline, and I was definitely hooked early on.  Also got me a little crush on the guy who played Police Chief Hopper.  win-win!
  • By Sunday night, I had finished Stranger Things and was looking for something else to watch.  I decided to watch the movie Bad Neighbours, and I was glad I chose it.  I needed a good comedy after the intensity and creepiness of Stranger Things. lol!  I've never been a huge Zac Efron fan (I know, I know... who doesn't love Zac Efron?  ME. is it possible that a guy can be too pretty?  because I think Zac Efron is too pretty.)  But I actually quite enjoyed him and his shirtlessness in this movie.  And I laughed a lot.  Now I'll have to wait for Bad Neighbours 2 to hit Netflix...
  • In between the Netflix bingeing, I got shit done around the house.  I cleaned the house from top to bottom, I made homemade bread (been putting my bread maker to good use these days!), and I made spaghetti sauce.  I had also thought about making pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins or something, but I was kinda feeling like a sloth after everything else was done.  I opted for napping and Netflix instead.
  • Sunday I went to church and out for brunch with the fam.  Then Caden & Danica came back to my place for a movie day.  We started out with Inside Out (super cute, loved it!), and then I forced them to watch some episodes of Full House with me (the ones when Uncle Jesse & Becky have the babies, my favourite season of Full House!).  So, yes.  More couching.  More Netflix.  More hibernation.  Bliss.
  • I've basically talked all summer about getting back on track with some of my healthy habits - eating better, exercising more - because, let's face it, I've fallen so far off the wagon, I'm pretty much back to square one again.  (HOW did I let that happen?  HOW???)  So I decided on Sunday that I'd had enough.  I resolved to get back on track starting Monday.  So yesterday morning, I woke up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, an extra bounce in my step, and feeling so good about it.  Riiiiight up until I discovered my fridge wasn't working.  And then, in my rush to save stuff from the freezer by moving it to the deep-freeze in the basement, I fell down the stairs.  The bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-bounce-in-the-step went right out the effing window.  I've been referring to myself as "Calamity Jill" in my head ever since.
  • This is probably the third or fourth time since living in this house over the past almost-8-years that I have slipped on the steps going to the basement.  I should probably be more careful.  My feet must've really flew, because I landed on my upper back.  Thankfully just some bruising, and a wicked-sore, stiff neck.  And once again, my deep-seeded fears of being an old lady living alone and falling and breaking something and nobody finding me for days were re-ignited...
  • Oh.  And here's the real kicker.  There was nothing wrong with my fridge after all.  *sigh*  I had Adam the repairman in first thing yesterday morning, and as it turns out, one of the temperature dials had fallen off a few days ago, and when I jammed it back on, I accidentally turned the control down so that it was almost off.  Adam just turned it back up again.  Ta-da.  Fridge fixed.  Doh.  Felt fairly stupid.
  • So last night, I was trying to decide what should be my next show on Netflix.  There are SO MANY that I still want to watch!  But then I remembered that I had started Bloodline a few months ago when I started The Office, but eventually abandoned it for The Office full-time.  (I really can't watch more than one show at one time, I've discovered.)  I figured I'd better finish what I started, so back to Bloodline I go.  
  • Also last night, I went to bed early for one sole purpose:  to read.  As I mentioned last week, I haven't been reading at all lately, which is unusual for me.  And my aunt gave me a really good book for my birthday, so it was time to get into it.  I spent a good hour immersing myself in "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah.  So far, enjoying it!  I might actually be back on the reading railroad!
  • Oh, and for the record, I actually did sorta get myself back on track, healthy-habit-wise, yesterday.  I had my morning workout, walked at lunch time, and went for another walk in the evening.  Then I did some crunches, leg raises, push-ups (the girly kind, I can't do real ones anymore apparently), and squats.  Also, ate much healthier (which means, I didn't eat chips at all during the day, which I'm considering the biggest victory of all.)  Let's see if I can keep it rolling in the right direction today!


Stacy said...

You seriously use the word cantankerous a lot!

Glad to hear your fridge is A-Okay, but don't worry, Adam is familiar with less than swift people. I had him in once for my washer just to tell me I had been using it on the wrong cycle...baha!

Have you seen Daddy's Home with Mark Wahlberg? It's playing or coming soon to Netflix, I keep seeing it up on my preview thingy. It's really good.

Nancy said...

I agree that some men are too pretty This guy for one.

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

Your fridge story is funny. I would be so embarrassed.

GOod luck getting back on track. Portion control is what helped me. I don't exercise. I also eat like crap. Will be interesting now that i can't go to the store for a few weeks LOL.