Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’m having trouble finding blog inspiration lately.  So I thought I’d resort to an old tried-and-true… never hurts to take a glance about and find things that brighten my day!  It is Wednesday, after all!

I’m loving how my living room looks right now.  As I mentioned yesterday, the tree went up Sunday afternoon and most of the decorating in the living room is done.  I planned to do more last night, but I ended up with a sinus headache that still hasn’t let up.  Chalk that one up to something I’m NOT loving today… urgh.  Anyways, it was nice to lie on the couch last night with the magic bag on the back of my neck and just gaze at the prettiness around me.  (and no, I did not light up the bezerk-o Christmas tree, that would have made my headache worse.)

christmas tree 2013

(This is my tree from 2013… haven’t photographed this year’s yet!)

I’m loving that snowflakes are starting to appear in the long-range forecast.  I know most people have been loving this warm November so far, but I’m over it.  15 degrees tomorrow?  pssshhhhh… I’m ready for snow!


I love that I have made a start on my Christmas shopping.  I have a few gifts bought for the kids, and a pretty good idea of what I’m getting for the rest.  I always feel really stressed out about Christmas shopping until I make a list and start crossing things off.  Breathing a little easier now that I’ve at least begun.

Totally loving the Christmas parties coming up, which will all kick off next Friday with our company Christmas luncheon.  It will be the beginning of a very busy couple of weeks, but I’m so ready to dive in!

You know what else I kind of love?  I love that I made my Christmas list the other day, but didn’t feel a need to put any major necessities on it.  It seems that every year, there’s always something I DESPERATELY needed… and this year, it comes as a comfort and a blessing to realize I’m not wanting for much these days.  I have spent years crossing “must-haves” off my list, buying them as I could afford them, or receiving them as gifts.  Sure, there are still things that I could certainly use, home improvements that still could be done, a new cell phone, internet service in my home, Netflix… but I don’t feel I need anything right now in desperation.  I am fortunate.

I haven’t said it for a while… I love Jimmy Fallon, you guys.  I really do.  He makes me smile, even on days when I didn’t think a smile was possible.

Emmy Nominations

Oh!  And I love that it is People’s Sexiest Man Alive Day!!!  I can’t say David Beckham would have been my first choice (I’d have probably gone for a repeat of Adam Levine or Channing Tatum, truthfully lol) – but there’s no doubt, the man is a sexy, sexy beast. 

sexiest man alive 2015

david beckham 1

david beckham 3

David beckham 4

On that note…have a great day, friends :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am surprised Beckham made the top of this list. I mean, he's not even current news as far as I know. I feel like maybe they could have picked someone more relevant. Then again, my taste in men is weird. LOL.

Nancy said...

Too funny.....I am watching a special about David Beckham and some soccer buddies on a trek in the Amazon!!! Like, right now!!!

Leigh said...

We haven't put our tree yet...I'm scared that it's going to be a disaster with Amelia on the move and being able to put things off of it! Ah Jimmy funny and so cute! Him and Justin Timberlake together are perfection!

Nicole said...

You haven't taken a picture of your tree yet?