Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Loves

Happy Wednesday, gang!  Here’s what I’m LOVING today:

  • The snow, of course.  It’s still on the ground!  It’s going to melt over the next few days, unfortunately… it’s going to be +12 on Friday with rain.  But until then, I’m going to enjoy the pretty white scenery that surrounds me!
  • I have discovered Chris Stapleton, and I LOVE him.  Last week, my Facebook newsfeed was blowing up with friends sharing the vid of his CMA performance with Justin Timberlake, and I’ve finally caught on to the hype.  I could listen to this song all day!

  • I love that I’m going to Walmart after work today to grab the rest of my necessities for Christmas baking.  I’m praying for cheaper chocolate prices than I’ve found locally. I’m ready to get my bake on!
  • I’m loving that the Christmas gifts have started rolling in!  Boxes from Amazon, parcels from Sears, orders from Shutterfly…items getting crossed off the list, and me breathing a little easier with each one.  Phewf.

amazon box

  • I’m looking forward to next Friday, because if all goes well, it should mark the official end of my Christmas shopping.  I have a list made with definitive plans made for each person, and now it’s just a matter of buying the remainder of the gifts and putting that list to bed.  I love when that moment comes.  Wrapping is my favourite part, and I can’t wait to get at it!
  • I’m getting Subway for supper tonight.  I can’t remember the last time I had Subway.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.


  • Speaking of droolin… I had a Timmie’s donut this morning and it was heavenly.  God bless visitors to the farm who bring city treats with them. I had their new Sugar Cookie donut, and it was an exquisite little sugar buzz.  Yum.

timmies sugar cookie

  • I LOVE that my family is having a little Grey Cup party this coming Sunday!  OK, so we usually do have a “Grey Cup party”, but usually we just eat junky food and I don’t even bother watching the actual game.  But this year, our Ottawa REDBLACKS are playing in the big game, and everyone is pretty pumped!  It’s been a long time since a football team from Ottawa has done well, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Go REDBLACKS!!


  • And I know I keep mentioning this, but I’m so lovin’ all the festive events and activities that are coming up in the next few weeks.  The Christmas parties will kick off this weekend with our company party on Friday and a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with the girls on Saturday.  From then on, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas, with so many fun things jam-packing the calendar!  I can’t wait!
  • Last but not least, I love that even though our Thanksgiving is over, I still feel an excitement over the fact that our neighbours south of the border will be celebrating tomorrow… I think a  little of their holiday magic has seeped into my soul.  Tomorrow night after Zumba is over, I may just bust out my Friends DVD’s and watch some of their Thanksgiving episodes to celebrate. ;)

friends thanksgiving

Have a great day, pals!!


Angie said...

I'm so totally jealous of your snow. It's supposed to be almost 70 degrees again this week. I'm ready for some winter!

Chocolate prices are insane. I wanted to make Oreo Balls the other night but the white chocolate was outrageous.

Good for you getting presents bought. I've still yet to start. I'm totally last minute this year!

Leigh said...

I've been ordering most of our Christmas gifts online too (it's way easier with a baby) and love when they arrive on our doorstep!