Friday, November 20, 2015

A Friday Confessional

It’s felt like a really long week this week… I guess maybe I always feel this way? lol  Either way, I’m celebrating the fact that Friday has finally arrived, and I’m doing some confessing before the weekend begins!

I confess… that despite my best laid plans, I have not done ANY more decorating during the evenings this week.  Things are just too busy.  And when they’re not busy, then the lure of lying on the couch has far outweighed the desire to decorate.

I confess… that as I sit here freezing at my desk this morning, I’ve realized that I’m probably soon going to have to bust out the long-johns (kinda wish I had ‘em on right now, actually).  And when I do, I’m probably going to have to go up a pant size, ‘cause there is no way the long-johns are going to fit under these current pants I’m wearing. *sigh*

I confess… that it may be time to start seriously considering trying out that healthy eating thing again…

I confess… that I thought I had lost my love for The Hunger Games, because originally I had no desire to see the upcoming final installment of the movie series, at least not in theatres, but after seeing the preview a few times, and watching Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon the other night, my love for The Hunger Games has been re-ignited.  I’m ready to be caught back up in the hype!

mockingjay part 2

I confess… that we are ordering Thai Zone for lunch today in the office, and it’s just about all I can think about right now.

thai zone

I confess… I have my gift ready for our Girl’s Christmas dinner and gift exchange next Saturday; all I have to do is add a few homemade touches and wrap it!  I’m so excited for the Christmas parties to begin!!

I confess… that the credit card is starting to get racked up again… Not out of control yet, but Christmas shopping is sure starting to put a ding on it.  BUT – if all goes as planned, I should be done the shopping by the first week of December, and then I’ll be able to spend the rest of the month paying it off, and be in the clear again to start 2016 off fresh.  (relax, Mom.)

I confess… that part of the problem is the expense of buying ingredients for holiday baking.  Why, oh WHY, does baking chocolate have to be so expensive?  And why, oh WHY, does all of my holiday “baking” involve melting chocolate?!  Frigging bark.  ugh.


I confess… that I think I whine about the price of melting chocolate for bark pretty much every year on the blog at this time of year…

I confess… I’m going to watch Christmas movies this weekend.  And I’m going to make my first go of cookies tomorrow morning. And I’m going to a Christmas tea and bake sale at St. Mary’s church tomorrow afternoon.  And  I’m going to paint Christmas balls at Paint Nite tomorrow night. I’m done trying to “stall” the Christmas excitement.  Bring it on!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends :)


Stacy said...

where the heck is Thai Zone in Quyon haha! Enjoy and Happy Friday! I am listening to Magic 100 Christmas music and it's putting me in the mood to rip out the decorations this weekend...just no tree (but apparently my house is against me boycotting the tree)!

Nicole said...

Why stall the Christmas excitement. I'm ready to have my tree up but we're having Thanksgiving here so it probably wouldn't look right plus there isn't room for extra tables and a tree in my house. Dang I need a bigger house. ha! j/k.

And why is it so expensive to bakE!

Leigh said...

Now you have me craving holiday baking....darn you!! Have a great weekend :)

Nancy said...

I agree about the price of chocolate, I need to get some more for my candy cane bark.