Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome back to my life, Ryan Phillippe

When I was a teen, I had many celeb crushes.  Probably the biggest was Chris O’Donnell – he was my main man for a long, long time – but another biggie was the super-cute golden haired Ryan Phillippe.  Between his roles in White Squall, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Cruel Intentions, he was the IT boy for a lot of teen girls in the ‘90s… and I was definitely one of them.



I was also smitten with the idea of Ryan and Reese Witherspoon being a couple.  I thought they were a match made in heaven, and loved their “story”.  But I admit, I kinda lost track of the guy after he and Reese split in 2007.


Fast-forward to Winter 2015, and suddenly I start seeing commercials on TV advertising a new mid-season show starting March 1st called “Secrets and Lies”.  And what do ya know, that leading role was being played by …drum roll please!… Ryan Phillippe.

secrets and lies

I set the PVR and for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching.  I’m skeptical of the show, only 3 episodes in.  I’ve been enjoying it, but I’m not sure what kind of future it has.  The story begins with Ryan’s character, Ben Crawford, discovering the body of a young boy in the woods while out for a jog, and before he knows it, he is a prime suspect in the child’s murder.  I doubt the show will win any awards, and like I said, not sure how it could survive more than one season – once this murder mystery is solved, where will it go from there? – but I keep tuning in.

For – you guessed it – Ryan Phillippe.

ryan phillippe

You see, Ryan has aged well.  Very well, in fact.  If anything, I think he’s even hotter than the baby-faced pucker-lipped young actor I was drawn to in the ‘90’s.  He’s pretty studly.  Well-muscled.  Filled out more. 

ryan phillippe 2

Yeah.  The crush is back on, y’all.

I’m also a sucker for a good love story, and I’m hoping for one on this show.  I think Ryan has real chemistry with his co-star KaDee Strickland, who plays his wife, Christy.  They have a troubled past, and seem to be on the verge of separation, as Ben sleeps on the couch, and past infidelities are re-hashed over and over.  Yet, Christy appears prepared to weather this storm with Ben, standing by him for the sake of their children.  They have moments on screen where sparks fly, and I’m hoping their relationship is given more time and a chance to mend, although with being at the centre of a murder investigation, and Ben acting more and more suspicious all the time, I doubt that’s likely.

secrets and lies 2

In any case, I’m cautiously excited about this show.  If for no other reason than I’m enjoying having Ryan Phillippe back in my life.

Who were your teen celeb crushes?  Do you still follow their careers now?  Anybody else out there been watching Secrets and Lies?

And yes.  For the record, this post was a total excuse to look up pics of Ryan Phillippe.  I ain’t ashamed.  Dude is sexy.

ryan phillippe 3

Wonder what I gotta to do get Jimmy to get him on his show…


Stacy said...

i think i saw this yesterday on netflix and i was reading peoples comments and they said its good but takes a couple episodes to actually get into it - slow beginning they say! Maybe I'll start after I am done Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt!

Stacie said...

I have DVRed it but we haven't started watching yet, so I'll let you know if we like it or not.