Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I often talk about my favourite days of the year – holidays, birthdays, family get-togethers, special events in our community… but there is a time of the year that I just dread.  Always have.  Probably always will.

And that is the week.  Back to school.  Puts a big pit in my stomach and makes me feel sick.  Yes, even though I haven’t been a student for years.  And even though I don’t have kids of my own.  Back-to-school time sucks.

With that in mind, I’m trying to keep my mind away from the poor kiddies who have to head back this week, and instead, focus on the positives – the things I’m LOVING! 

Here we go:

I’m loving… Big Brother!  I used to be a big fan of the summer reality TV show, but sort of lost touch with it a few years ago.  BB is a time commitment – on 3 nights a week – and somewhere along the way, I couldn’t keep up.  But NOW… I have a PVR!  Makes being a BB fan so much easier!  I’ve really enjoyed this summer’s houseguests.  Very few of them that I disliked, and most of the ones I didn’t like are already gone!  BB nights are my favourite nights of the week.

BB 2014

I’m loving… Derrick from Big Brother.  It took me awhile to settle on him as my favourite – I mean, for a few weeks there I was blinded by Cody’s extreme hotness and Zach’s annoying-yet-adorable thing and Caleb’s metro cowboy sexiness… Hell, I even toyed with Frankie being my #1 (because, let’s face it, he’d make an AWESOME gay best friend!) … but at the end of day, Derrick has completely won me over with his smarts, his amazing social game, and…well… Zingbot might not agree, but I think he’s hot as hell (especially his “21 Jump Street” transformation to fit in with the “kids”!)  If he’s what the houseguests call a “hipster dad”, then that’s my new thing. I really hope he wins.

derrick BB16 3

derrick BB16

Derrick BB16 2 

I’m loving… PiYo!  I started the program on Monday, doing the into workout called “Align: The Fundamentals”.  It was slow-moving, and I barely broke a sweat.  I was a little disappointed, but figured it was important to do it to make sure I had a good handle on the moves I’ll be using in the weeks to come.  Then, yesterday I realized my sides were sore.  By evening, they were aching.  So much for “not doing anything” the first night!  Last night the schedule tossed me Define: Lower Body, and I really enjoyed it.  I can already tell I’m going to be best friends with PiYo!

piyo 2

I’m loving… that because the PiYo workouts are much shorter than the other programs I’ve done, I’ll hopefully have more time in the evenings for going for walks.  For some reason, I just love brisk fall evening walks.

I’m loving…that it’s almost Fair time!  The Shawville Fair is on this weekend, and while the experience has changed for me in recent years, I still find myself looking forward to it and getting excited about it.  I enjoy touring the exhibit halls, strolling through the Midway, meeting up and chatting with people I haven’t seen in a while, watching great entertainment (can’t wait to see Emerson Drive on Sunday night!!), and of course… the FOOD!  I’m promising to be careful, but I’m not going to deprive myself.  Billy T’s pizza, a Barn Burger from Bonnie’s, and possibly a Beavertail are tops on my list of “must-haves”.  Apparently, I’m gunning for “B” foods this year. ;)

I’m loving… that my FB newsfeed has been plugged with friends’ videos doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  The Challenge has done so much to raise awareness, as well as money for ALS research to help find a cure.  I admit I didn’t know much about the disease before now, other than it was horrible, and it was what Lou Gehrig had. (In fact, I didn’t know it had another name other than Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  The Challenge has led me to Google, and I was horrified at what I read about it.  I gladly accepted my nomination, and made a donation at  as well.   My video is below.  All for an important cause.

I’m loving… that it’s a long weekend coming up!  And aside from the Fair, I don’t really have a whole lot going on.  I’m looking forward to hopefully sleeping in, watching some movies (especially if Saturday is a rainy day, like they’re forecasting), and getting some reading done.  It seems the weekends since my vacation have been pretty busy, and this one is more about fun and relaxing.

I’m loving… the new song from 5 Seconds of Summer.  I heard “Amnesia” on the radio one day last week, and it was instant love.  Then, I saw them perform at the VMA’s Sunday night, and I loved the song even more.  They remind me a lot of the pop-punk bands I was a fan of in high school & college – kind of a throw-back to my younger days.

I’m loving… that my friend Stacy introduced me to the Youtube MP3 converter.  Downloading songs is SO easy now, and I’ve finally been able to update my iTunes library!  Wooo!!

I’m loving… that fall is just around the corner.  Once I get through this yucky back-to-school feeling, I’ll be happy that fall is here.  I’m so looking forward to all of it!

i love fall

I’m loving… Jimmy Fallon.  Always & forever. xoxo



VandyJ said...

Nick loves Fallon's Late night. THe skits, games, guests and such. Sadly not so much the musical guests. Bruiser loves to watch it with him. They get their Fallon on with regularity.

Anonymous said...

My problem with this time of year is that I want to buy all the cool notebooks and pens, and yes, even crayons! I love school supplies and my kids have been out of school for years - save college - but I tell myself I'm stocking up for the grandbabies so my obsession is somewhat justified - right?