Wednesday, August 13, 2014

31 Random Things

I’m 31 now.

An insignificant age… Just a number, really, that only marks another year. Nothing very special about 31.

So in honour of that, here are 31 random and nothing-very-special things about me:

1. My favourite combination of foods right now is chocolate & peanut butter.


2. Despite my deep current love for chocolate (this is relatively new for me, I always said I liked salty snacks better than sweet) – my LEAST favourite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.

3. I still own a Blackberry. Yes. STILL. An ancient old relic of a Torch. I may never upgrade.

4. My latest old-man-who-is-actually-now-dead crush is Brian Keith.

brian keith

5. I hate being cold. And I feel like I’m always cold. I work in a frigging meat locker.  This is another recent development, one that I’ve discovered since losing weight.

6. I am a sun worshipper, but with the concerns now of old age, I actually pay a little more attention to sunscreen and hats. 

7. I may be 31, but I still sleep with my big stuffed dog, Zwillian.

8. Getting tickets to see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is now on my bucket list. Hence, a trip to NYC is also now on my bucket list.


9. Watching movies is one of my favourite things to do, but lately, I can’t seem to stay awake when I’m watching one.  Like, ever.

10. Finally, after all these years, I’ve developed an understanding and appreciation for Seinfeld. I’m into Season 3 and enjoying it.

seinfeld 2

11. I drink coffee with just a bit of unsweetened almond milk in it. I like it that way, but I often wonder if I went back to my low-fat French Vanilla Coffeemate, if I would still love it that way more. I haven’t put anything but milk, almond milk, or a dash of cinnamon in my coffee since the start of Lent.

12. Cinnamon has become the most-used spice in my cupboard. I add it not only to my coffee on occasion, but also to plain Greek Yogurt or cottage cheese.

13. Cinnamon has booted garlic powder out of the #1 position as my most-used-spice.

14. I used to think the only purpose of cottage cheese was to put it in lasagna. I have since learned to love it mixed with fruit; in fact, I consider it one of my top favourite “healthy treats”.


15. My favourite thing about the movie theatre is the smell of heavenly buttery popcorn that hits me when I walk through the doors.

16. I tell people I play guitar, but I’ve barely looked at the thing since Christmas.

17. I shave my legs every Saturday morning.

18. I still crave potato chips, but have realized that they (or the grease??) don’t really agree with me anymore. After a chip splurge, I end up feeling gross for a good 24 hours.  Like, hung-over-sick-feeling-gross.

19. I’m a big fan of Iggy Azalea.

20. I still haven’t had a poutine or McDonalds; it’s been well over a year for both of them. There was a time when I didn’t think I could go a month without either of them.

21. I have a deep love for peanut butter. And I have developed a taste for bananas. But the combination of peanut butter and bananas still makes me gag.

22. I recently looked at my list of goals for 2014 that I made on New Year’s Day, and realized I’m pretty much failing all of them except for one.

23. The only goal I’ve been consistent with is following the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge.

24. One of my goals was to read 20 books. To date, I’ve only read 8.  Yikes.

25. I like the idea of playing games, but I’ve realized it never ends well when I partake – board games, card games, sports. I am extremely competitive, I’m a really poor sport, and I rarely win, which makes for a really bad combination.

26. I love the idea of traveling, but I just wish I could take my own bed with me.

27. I used to hate when we were kids and on the rare occasion we went on a trip, my mom would complain that she didn’t sleep well when she wasn’t in her own bed. I now understand 100% how she felt.

28. Though my taste buds have evolved over recent years, and I now enjoy things like bananas, spinach, and fish, I don’t think I’ll ever come around on mushrooms. Or liver.

29. If I could do anything I wanted with my life as a job, I would definitely open up that little health food store I’ve been dreaming about and become my own boss.  Or an ice cream shoppe.  Although the ice cream shoppe would probably demolish my weight loss progress.

30. If there’s one thing my dad tried to impress upon me, it was to take pride in what you own, and keep it clean – especially your car. I can’t think of a chore I despise more than washing and cleaning my car. It is one thing that I can guarantee you who would not be proud of me for.

31. I’d love to get through a day without craving some kind of junk food.



Stacy said...

Sign me up for New York...I'll go shop while you watch Jimmy Fallon...or I could go I suppose. I want to go to Rachael Ray she in NY too?? Looking into it haha!

VandyJ said...

I'm with you on the liver. Nothing can make that stuff taste good.
I've watched Seinfeld and have never been able to get it. It just flies over my head.

VandyJ said...
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Nancy said...

still chuckling over the board games....

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the junk food. I'm not that big on it but since I've been working out so much, I just want it. It also doesn't help that they put a freaking Dunkin' Donuts right by my office!

Stacie said...

Chocolate and PB is my all time favorite!

And you only shave your legs once a week?

The Lovely One said...

I love chocolate and peanut butter! I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies yesterday and it was like Heaven in my mouth. My Bug decided she doesn't like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I've decided she must be an alien!

Please do not ever put cottage cheese in your lasagna again. Let me send you a recipe. Cottage cheese is not ricotta. There is no substitute!