Tuesday, December 03, 2013

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this post. Buckle up.

The things that have happened in the past five or so days probably each deserve their own post.  But instead, I’m going to smash ‘em all into one.  Here we go.

  • It was a busy weekend.  It kicked off with our company Christmas party on Friday night, and it was such a fun night.  Even though I’ve been all hyped up for Christmas since the Halloween stuff came down, I’ve always looked upon the MVT Christmas party (always the last Friday in November) as the “official kick-off” to the Christmas season.  We had a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, a fun gift exchange, and just a great evening chatting and laughing!  Thank you to my Mountainview family for a wonderful night – it was the perfect way to wrap up another successful season!

mvt xmas (14)[3] Our annual Movember pic – stolen from Lindsay

  • Saturday was a jam-packed day of fun!!  I was up early for my work-out, then got ready to head out to Bayshore with Lindsay.  Our reason for heading to Bayshore:  Landyn’s 2nd birthday party at Build-A-Bear!!  It was such a cute idea for a birthday party, and the kids had a great time choosing their bears, naming them, and getting them all dressed up.  Afterwards, we headed to Timothy’s for cupcakes and Landyn opened his gifts.  I think he had a really fun time turning 2! :)

landyn turns 2

landyn turns 2.2

  • I have Landyn to thank for bringing me to Bayshore that day, because a miracle happened while I was there.  Linds and I were doing some pre-party shopping when I got a text from my friend Ricky (who was also at the mall for the party with his family) telling me to get my butt up to the food court STAT, because the one & only WADE REDDEN was there.  I kinda thought Ricky was pulling my leg, but we decided to head up there anyways… just in case.  Unfortunately, by the time we got to the food court, Wade and his entourage had left, but Ricky showed me a picture he had taken with him on his phone.  I joked that I’d have to search the mall high & low to find him now, but I didn’t really expect I’d actually see him.  Imagine my excitement when we went to Timothy’s after Landyn’s party and discovered Wade in line at the Booster Juice nearby!

Wade Conference Champ

  • OK.  So.  He’s a hockey player way past his prime – so far past that he didn’t even get signed anywhere this season – but no other person would have my heart racing the way it did when I realized I was within shouting distance of him!  I couldn’t muster up the courage to go say hi – even though everyone was encouraging me to do so. I was just too shy, especially since he was out with his wife & kids.  But I did take creepy stalker pics of him from a distance. That’s way more cool, right?  Riiiiiight.

wade 2

  • After grabbing a bite to eat at the mall, Lindsay and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to head over to the movie theatre and catch a late-afternoon showing of Catching Fire.  We’re both big fans of The Hunger Games books, and loved the first movie, so I knew the second one wouldn’t disappoint!  I really enjoyed the movie and can’t wait to see what they will do with the third one.  Bonus:  I didn’t get butter all over my jeans like I did the last time I went to the movies.  Thank the Lord.


  • I came home, tired but very happy & thankful for such a fun day with friend and their super-cute kiddos.  I put on a Christmas movie and settled down on the couch to relax, but it wasn’t long until I started reading disturbing news on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Paul Walker?  Died in a car crash?  No way… Then there was the “it’s a hoax”/ “no it’s not a hoax” scramble, which had me believing it couldn’t possibly be true.  But it wasn’t long until reputable celeb news sites were posting it as true.  I was so sad.  No, I can’t claim to be the biggest Paul Walker fan in the history of the world, but… dude was hot.  While I’d never turn down the opportunity to see him and Vin Diesel on-screen at the same time, it was actually his non-Fast&Furious movies that stand out to me more.  Into the Blue.  The Skulls.  She’s All That.  Eight Below.  Joy Ride.  Varsity Blues.  I’ve seen pretty much every movie he’s ever been in, and it makes me so sad to think that he’s gone.  :(

paul walker

paul walker 2

paul walker 3

  • Sunday was “The Return of Alfie”.  The big game.  The one most Sens fans have had circled on their calendars since the official schedule was released for this season.  And you know what?  I missed it.  Not the whole game, but the beginning part when they honoured Alfie and welcomed him home.  I was too interested in my pizza, apparently.  oops.

alfie welcome home

  • Yesterday was a big day.  For months, I, along with my church fund-raising committee, have been gearing up for our annual Christmas Tour.  This was actually one of the easiest tours I’ve ever been involved in organizing, because people actually approached us this year wanting to be part of the tour, instead of us having to hunt and beg and plead.  We had five stops on the tour this year – the most we’ve ever had – including three unique homes, an old church that is being de-commissioned, and a local business’ boutique.  I had a great evening “touring” with friends & visiting with so many friendly faces in the church basement afterwards.  A HUGE thank you to our wonderful hosts – Shannon, Jeanne, Jason & Meaghan, Doug & Joanne at Lavender Ridge, and Kate at Zion United Church – as well as to everyone who bought tickets for the tour, provided food, joined us for fellowship, and bought tickets on our Christmas basket draw!  The whole evening was a wonderful success!!

House tour 1

house tour 2

house tour 3

house tour 4

house tour 5

house tour 6Photos courtesy of Dolan Art & Photography

  • And now… it’s December 3rd.  TWENTY-TWO DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.  I kind of can’t believe it!!  I have so many movies to watch, and baking still to be done… Christmas cards to write and presents to wrap… so much hollying & jollying to do in the weeks to come!  I so so so so SO can’t wait.

Sorry for the big mash-up folks.  Had a lot of bases to cover… good thing it’s Random Tuesday with Stacy Uncorked!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, very busy for you! Sounds like a whole lot of fun though. And pretty cool about the hockey player at the mall!

VandyJ said...

Busy, busy. And it doesn't look like you'll be slowing down any time soon.

Stacy said...

this is popping up as my first story as of right now and it's actually Dec 4th - my blogger is really acting up, I think im missing blogs!

Stacie said...

The babysitter interrupted date night and the last 15 minutes of Hunger Games...have to go back to see it again...

Jillian said...

Im laughing pretty hard at your stalkarazzi pic of Wade! I'm the same way so I know how you feel. You'll have to come visit me and we can take a trip to lloyd and hillmond so you can see where he's from!