Friday, December 13, 2013

A festive weekend ahead. But first… Confessions.

It’s almost time to start swinging from the chandelier and spreading Christmas cheer…!!!!!!!!!!

(OK. So I don’t have a chandelier.  Whatever.)

But first!!  Confessions!!

Friday confessional high heeled love

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I confess… that I froze my ass off yesterday.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, as it was pretty frosty in these parts, but this hatred for being cold is new to me.  I’m the big sweaty girl, y’know?  “I’d rather be cold than hot!”  Not true anymore.  I loathe being cold now.

I confess… that after a day of freezing my ass off, I knew I had to stop at the ol’ GT Boutique last night after Zumba and pick up some long johns.  Of course, they have a cooler name than that.  They are called “Microfibre Thermal Pants” and I also picked up a thermal top, too.  This is my first pair of “adult long underwear”.  I don’t think I’ve worn long johns since I was four or five years old!

I confess… that it feels really weird wearing 2 pairs of pants.

I confess… that I heard them play this on the radio on my short drive to work this morning, and I was AMAZED.  LOVED it.

I confess… that hearing it put me in such a wonderful mood. :)  I’ve watched it twice this morning.  I want this kid to be my friend, just so he can follow me around and sing to me.

I confess… that I really appreciate something that puts me in a wonderful mood right off the bat first thing in the morning.  I give credit to David Thibault this morning, but every other morning, I have to give it to the Morning Hot Tub on the New Hot 89.9.  I used to listen to the Team 1200 every morning (I enjoyed listening to the Three Guys On the Radio, catching up on Sens news, and I still believe Steve Warne is one of the best sports talk guys in the business) – but during the lock-out last year, I switched to Hot.  I don’t know if I’ll ever switch back.  Mauler, Rush, Jenni & Josie make me laugh every.single.morning.  And it just sets you off on a great day.  You can’t put a price on that!

the morning hot tub

I confess… that I sometimes go into the spare room and just look at the table of Christmas presents and stocking stuffers all laid out, waiting to be wrapped.  And I smile.

I confess… that I may be a teensy bit too excited about my long johns.  I just got a call from one of the guys at Mountainview’s sister company.  I’ve met this guy only once, and I talk to him on the phone from time to time, but I really don’t know him.  And I just told him about my long johns.

I confess… that he sounded a little weirded out by me rambling on about my long johns.  I guess I can’t blame the guy.

I confess… that I’m so SO excited for this weekend.  Gatherings with friends & family, Santa Claus Parade of Lights, White Gift & Pageant at church, Danica’s birthday celebrations… it’s a weekend just BURSTING with fun, and it really is what this time of year is all about!!

I confess… that I think I already said that once before this week.  But I really, really mean it.

Christmas friends 2012

I confess… that it seems surreal that Danica is turning five years old.  FIVE.  Crazy.  It just feels like yesterday that the anticipation of Christmas was foreshadowed by a new baby on the way… what an exciting December that was!!  Happy Birthday Dan!!

Danica Canada Day 2013

I confess… that I had a vision this morning of my friends and I bundling up all their kids and going Caroling tonight.  It looked like so much fun in my vision.  The problem is that it’s going to be like –30 tonight…so I somehow doubt any of them are going to want to come with me.

I confess… that maybe I’ll go Caroling by myself.  After all, I do have the toasty new long johns… –30 can’t hold me back! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!! :)


Stacy said...

1) Long Johns are awesome
2) This new "want to be warm" thing warms my heart...may actually mean the house will be all warm and toasty with the heat just a blaring tonight?? You know I complain every.single.year
3) The babies in our pic have all grown up...we need to get another pic this year
4) Carolling does sound good...except for the -30 and the fact that the little kids would just have to stay back at headquarters with the daddies cuz then we are either going to be walking slow and needing strollers!

VandyJ said...

Long johns are a wonderful thing. I need to remember mine next year for Halloween. I did wear mine last week when we were hitting those lovely below 0 temps.

Jillian said...

I actually have plans to go carolling with the ladies at my church tomorrow!

Stacie said...

OK, I can't help you nab a fellow if you are going to be rambling about your drawers!

Emmy said...

-30! No wonder why you are cold, that is awful! I am so excited for Christmas too.