Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, just the little things going on in my brain today.

Ever sit back and really think about yourself?  How you’re feeling, and why you’re feeling such a way?

I’ve done that this morning.  And here are my very scientific - and probably quite boring – findings:

1. Worried – Well, I’m always worried about something, so this is nothing new.  But on this particular morning, my worry seems to be centered around the fact that I’m afraid I’m not losing any more weight.  Like, I’m STUCK at 11 pounds lost and I will never again lose another ounce.  Ever.  I have not weighed myself since Monday (my rule is only getting on the scales on Monday, otherwise I get obsessed) – but I just have a bad feeling about it this week.  I’m trapped in my fat body and I CAN’T GET OUT!!!!


2. Jealous – My mother and I talked about this this morning. I’m insanely jealous of every damn person who has gone South, or will be heading South, this winter.  My mom was all like, “Meh, I don’t care, I don’t really mind winter, I don’t think I’d even want to go,” and then I was all like, “That’s because you’ve never BEEN THERE!”  Don’t get me wrong.  I love winter.  I love snow.  But seriously, I’m dreaming of a week in Cuba.  Or the Dominican Republic.  Or Jamaica.  Or even Florida. And hating everyone who gets to go this year.  Assholes.

dream vacation

3. Excited & proud – The Sens, of course.  They’re kicking ass & takin’ names.  Last night, they whooped the Habs pretty good. 5-1, final score.  I only wish I’d been there to taunt those Montreal fans in attendance along with the rest of the Sens Army.  Very proud of the fans who were there, Olé-ing their hearts out, and TAKING BACK THE BANK.  Good job, kids.

Sens win

4. Dull  - That’s right.  I feel kind of dull these days.  I mean, I’m kind of happy being dull, and I’m kind of enjoying my dull lifestyle.  I watch LOST on my laptop because my TV & DVD player are total jackasses.  I work out.  I eat fruit.  I hang out with my mom and watch hockey.  I read.  I work on my puzzle.  I drink tea.  And…well, that’s about it.  Dullsville, and happy to be here, I guess.

5. Determined -  I mentioned my jackass TV and his brother the asshat DVD player.  My TV – or rather, the satellite dish, I guess – has been a pain in my butt for over a year now.  There’s a cord that I think isn’t working properly, so every couple of days, the dish goes nutty and cuts in and out, like it would in a bad storm or something, except there’s no storm.  I wiggle the cord, and if I’m lucky, it’ll work for a few more days.  Then it goes apeshit again.  Usually on the night that I want to watch The Vampire Diaries.  So frustrating.  Also, my DVD player kak’d out on me a few weeks ago, so I’m using the super-cheapo one that I had in my room, and it doesn’t work very well either.  (As in, won’t play the LOST DVD’s at all, it sucks them in, goes to black screen, and holds them hostage until I unplug everything and start it all back up.  Then it will spit the DVD back out at me.)  SO.  Needless to say, my new mission in life (aside from losing a kabillion pounds) is to get a NICE, NEW, MODERN TV and A FUNCTIONING DVD PLAYER and MY OWN DISH THAT HAS CORDS THAT WORK.  This is getting ridiculous, people.

6.  OLD -  Yes, some days, I feel very old.  Some days I do not.  Some days I still feel like a kid, and it panics me that I’m turning 30 and I still feel like a kid.  But then some days, I see something like this and it makes me feel like I’m insanely old:

friends very old

And it also makes me want to start watching my Friends DVD’s again.

But I bet my DVD player will eat them.



Lindsay said...

Don't worry! Keep up with your routine and the weight will come off!!! Eventually it had to slow down! You lost 8 pounds in ONE week!! That's amazing!! Xo

Nancy said...

Jillian, your body is just adjusting, be kind to it.

Go ahead and call me an "a..hole", but I am thinking about finding a cheap trip to the DR and heading out for reading week. I would love a week of sunshine and flip flops. Wanna come too?

Stacy said...

i'm with your mom, sorry - not the liking winter thing but i have never wanted to go down south - its not much as I like the heat, I don't like actually being in not a drinker so hanging out drinking for a week is not my thing either! I would much rather save our pennies when the kids are old enough to appreciate Disney!

VandyJ said...

Hope you get the TV/DVD issues figured out. I hate when ours don't work.

Stacie said...

Give the weight time, it will happen. And 30 is still so young! And get a new TV or dish or something, that is just not fair!

Sarah said...

I totally agree - on everything!
Worried that i actually did hurt my back and probably should get an xray. Also Jealous of everyone going south, Dull - i think the winter blahs have set in, february is an exiting month but im soo ready for March/Sping! And that friends thing made me feel old too!

Keep working out and eating healthy - you will see results!!

LeeLu Creations said...

I, too, am an obsessive worrier. Are you sure you're not my little sis? Lol.

I've never heard of an asshat?! Is that really a work or just a super funny typo?


Emmy said...

It's mostly when I get down that I sit back and try to figure out what I am really feeling and thinking. And I have no doubt you will lose more weight, you can totally do it!

HickChickBritt said...

So that Friends reference, I am thinking I must have been watching reruns, because there is no way I am that old! haha. Also I must not have watched it towards the end because I didn't know that Monica and Chandler had twins.
As far is weight loss goes, the same thing always happens to me. Like I can go on the Adkins diet lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks and then nothing. Usually if I am working out to, the scale doesn't move at all. Everyone always says it is because you are gaining muscle. Yeah so then I want to punch them in the face and show them my muscles. I have no advice, just know I feel for ya!

Nicole said...

Your asshole comment had me cracking up. Yesterday driving through town I kept saying Jackass at the gas stations because they raised prices again. I thought it was funny. And don't fret about the weight!

Jo said...

Don't give up ... you might be so surprised when you get on the scale the next time, but even if you are not down, just keep on working on it.

Connie said...

Have a faith grasshopper!

Winter is boring and cold. I'm with you...I want to go south with those assholes.

Anonymous said...

When in a slump, watch Friends. It ALWAYS works. And FYI, it's not that warm where I am in Florida. In fact, not even in the middle of the state. My mom's going to Daytona this weekend but it's still too cool for the water. Though she'll still get to lay in the sun, which does make me jealous.

Jodie said...

What a wonderful post and I agree with you on EVERYTHING!!! I'm going through some stuff... and this so me in this post too! (We are so much a lot it kills me!! :))

Steph said...

You are doing great! Sometimes it just takes a while to see the next new number.

Mrs. Match said...

You've just hit the plateau. Ride it out girlfriend, the pounds will come off. You just have to get past this stage. Sometimes changing up the workout routine will do the trick. You got this!

Ack, that Friends thing just made me feel super old. Ben would be 18. Hot damn!