Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A cold day in January Happy List

I can’t seem to shake the heaviness in my heart this week.  I guess at a time like this, that’s how I’m supposed to feel.

But today, rather than dwelling in the sadness, I’m going to focus on the positives and try to find some happiness.

So here’s what’s bringing some happy to my life today!

  • My car, and the fact that it started this morning in the –30 Celsius temperature.   I know, it’s brand-new, there should be no problems with a brand-new car starting.  But I was worried, because it’s SO SO FREAKIN’ COLD OUT, and also I realized that my car did not come with a block heater.  (This is the reason why girls need boys to help them buy cars.  I did not know what a block heater was, let alone that I needed my car to come with one.)
  • The news that our student minister, Nancy, passed her Ordination interview in Montreal yesterday.  Congratulations, Nancy, so very happy for you.  One more step… :)
  • My new sippy cup from DISNEY!!!  I have an obsession with tall plastic cups with lids and straws lately.   Lindsay brought me one from the land of Mickey Mouse, along with a cute pair of Disney socks and a super-cute pink Minnie Mouse pen.  Presents always make me happy.

Disney cup

  • My cozy giant fluffy warm blanket from Chapters.  I bought it shortly after Christmas when it was on sale (the Chapters blankies are kind of expensive, but sooo luxurious); however, I don’t think I truly appreciated it until it the bitter cold of this week.


  • The puzzle on my dining room table.  I’ve been working on it a bit each evening this week, and I’ve found it to be a stress-reliever, and it takes my mind off other things.
  • WEIGHT LOSS!!!  Dudes, I’m losing weight.  And it feels awesome.  I’m down over 11 pounds in just over two weeks.  The TurboFire workouts are getting a little easier each day, and I’m really enjoying them.  I’ve also found it not as difficult as I thought it would be to stick to my healthy eating plan.  I know I’m only a few weeks in, but I’m pretty happy with my progress thus far.
  • LOST, Season 6, on DVD.  I finished Season 5 back around Christmas time, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for Season 6 to arrive from Amazon for weeks now.  (My order got held up because of one of the other items on it not being available at that time.)  I’m finally going to see how this thing wraps up, and I’m very excited about that!


  • My Hamilton Beach single-serve blender.  My momma bought this for me last week, after my Shakeology order arrived and I was trying to figure out how I could make shakes at work for lunch without having to lug a big blender with my every day.   This little blender is sort of like a Magic Bullet, but it was cheaper and seems to be working great so far, and compact enough for me to take with me to work!

Blender 2

  • HOCKEY’S BACK!!  AND WADE REDDEN’S BACK!!  OK, so he’s not back in Ottawa, but my favourite player of all time is finally back in the NHL, and that makes me so very very happy.  For the first time in my life, I have an interest in St. Louis Blues hockey…  I’m also insanely pleased with the Sens’ start to this short season, two big wins under their belts and looking great!  GO SENS GO!!


  • Pictures of happy times and fond memories.  For the past few days, many of my friends have been sharing pictures of good times and happy memories.  I thank God for that.  They truly are a comfort at such a difficult time.

Tim 2


Stacie said...

I love cups with lids and straws...the hubs makes fun of me because I will take home and refill a restaurant take out cup repeatedly, I love the straw!

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!

aree1997 said...

Oww lovely post. It's these little things that make our lives happy :)

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Stacy said...

OKAY, first off, my car didnt come with a block heater either and I think that is because if it doesn't come with it, you will never need it! That is my theory! We hvae never had a garage and our car ALWAYS starts and it's 7 years old!

Loving the cup...and the blender

DOUBLE LOVING the DOUBLE DIGITS in weight loss! Woo hoo! Keep up the good work! Have you had to dig into the closet to take skinny clothes out yet>? LOL

Nicole said...

Isn't the block heater to plug your car in? I've only seen them around these parts in Diesel's so the diesel doesn't gel over.

Mandy said...

Great post as always Jill!!! Congrats on the weight loss!! Care to share the meal plan with me?? I am looking for something that works and this seems to be working for you :) You can email me if you liek, I would really appreciate it :) Thanks,

Emmy said...

Phew glad your car started and that is horrifically cold!! And so so awesome about the weight loss!! So awesome. Enjoy the last season :)

Connie said...

Great job on your weight loss! That is fantastic!

Sorry your feeling sad.

Jillian said...

I've recently got on a cup with lid and straw kick too its the handiest thing for around the house. And congrats on the weight loss! I really need to get myself on the weight loss bandwagon and I hear you on the temperatures its been in the -35 range for the past couple days (Im in hibernation mode I had to go out last night and it was freezing!)

Nancy said...

Jillian, thank you so much for mentioning my passing my Ordination Interview!!!! You totally get how important it was to me.....I would have died of embarrassment if I hadn't made it.

You can really see your weight loss in your face, congrats,I am so impressed. Are the shakes as tasty as your broccoli soup?

Anonymous said...

When I left my parents' house last weekend, my mom fixed me a water in one of those plastic cups and I plan on keeping it!

Steph said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing great. We can do this!

I've been having a shakes for breakfast every day. But, my mom makes them. :)

Chell said...

Love the cup! I keep buying cute ones... they keep vanishing. Something about a teenager. LOL

Mrs. Match said...

Puzzles are a great stress reliever. Let me know what you think of the Lost finale, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
YAYYYY for your weight loss. Great job!! I need to start eating healthier. I know I have excuses right now, but I worry I'm not giving baby enough nutrients. And it'll make it that much harder to lose the weight after he's here. Popcorn and poptarts do not a dinner make. Bad bad me!

LeeLu Creations said...

What the heck is a block heater???

Congrats on the weight loss. You got this!

Kayla M said...

Do you like your blender? My mom gave me her magic bullet a few years ago but it never really worked properly! It just blends what is at the very botttom and doesnt do much for the rest! I am assuming hers had something wrong eith it becasue I have heard of other people who love theirs!

Jill said...

LOVE my blender, Kayla. I've never used a Magic Bullet before, so I'm not sure how it compares, but so far it seems to be having no trouble blending up my Shakeology, with water, ice cubes, and I often throw in fruit. 30 seconds and it's well-blended & ready to go!!