Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas to me. And a Happy Birthday too.

Good news, kids.

I’m finally – FINALLY – going to get to see Justin Bieber, live in concert.

It has only been my dream for, like, a year and a half


I had the sads big-time when I missed out on tickets earlier this year.  He brought his Believe Tour to Ottawa in November, and when I tried to order tickets on-line way back when, I got stuck in this on-line ticket buying queue that really made me mad and caused me to say curse words at my computer screen a lot.  For like an hour.  When it finally let me in, it said, “Oh, gee whilickers, sorry, but we’re right out of tickets now.  Poor you.”

I was rather cranky about it all.  And really quite pissed off at his rabid teenage girl fans and their mothers and fathers who beat me to the punch.  Assholes.

Then, miracle of miracles.  It was announced last week that HE’S COMING BACK.  ON JULY 23RD.  JUST IN TIME FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

OK, so it’s a few days before my birthday.  Whatever.  I like to celebrate for at least a week, so this would be the kick off to thirty.

And, then.  Miracle of miracle of miracles, they announced that there was actually a presale this time.  YES!!!!  I’m a SBP Insider, so I got my handy-dandy promo code via email, and I was all, “Dude.  This time it’s gonna happen.  I’m going to see Bieber if it’s the last thing I do.”

I was a little worried this morning.  For many reasons. 

A) At just the precise moment the presale opened, this office turned into a wild and crazy zoo.  At least, compared to the quiet, sleepy place it has been for the past few weeks.  Phones were ringing.  People were coming in the door, looking for fertilizer spreaders.  (I know.  Dec. 20th.  Snowstorm on the horizon. Dudes, the fertilizer can wait.)  People wanted eggs.  And I just wanted to stand on my desk and shout, “WOULD YOU ALL LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE, I’M KIND OF BUSY RIGHT NOW TRYING TO ORDER JUSTIN BIEBER TICKETS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!”

B) The first 26 times I entered me pre-sale code, it gave me an error message. “Sorry, we don’t have the number of tickets you are looking for.  Please try again later.”   Like as if I was asking for a zillion tickets or something.  I wanted 2. TWO DAMN TICKETS.  Seriously.  Like, c’mon.

C)  After God only knows how long, they finally said, “Oh, hey, here’s two tickets.  In the nosebleeds, as far away from the Biebs as you could ever be.”  I was like, “Whatever, I’m taking them.”  And then, as the check-out process began, my screen froze.  IT FROZE FOR LIKE FIVE FRIGGING MINUTES.  And I was moaning at my desk, going, “I’m doomed.  Doomed!  I’m never going to see Justin Bieber, ever!!!”


Bieber 2

Yes.  I’m pleased. :)

The other good news is that I’ve discovered I really DO have magical powers over the weather, and just because I asked nicely, we’re going to get a shit-ton of snow tomorrow.  *fingers crossed* (because I still don’t trust the weatherman).

Let’s all pray that the world doesn’t end tomorrow, so that I get to see Bieber and the snow, OK? 


Happy Thursday.


VandyJ said...

Have a great time!

Hope you get the snow you want!

Steph said...

First Taylor Swift, now this.

Anonymous said...

LOL I would judge you but I remember when I got to see Nsync and I was in heaven. It was a long time ago but I remember just how happy it made me. :) Enjoy!

Stacy said...

something doesnt seem right about seeing Beiber for your 30th birthday...haha - just saying! Maybe I will go see the Wiggles for mine! LOL
Just kidding - glad you got tickets!

Nicole said...

Hehe you crack me up. I could send you the pillow case Mark got for his birthday :) you know, as a joke :).

And sorry you talking about Biebs I saw this post just today and thought it was funny :)

No, I'm not mocking you for liking him. I don't really even know who he is other than Canadian, y ou like him and my dad and Mark have a joke about him going on :)

Lena B, Actually said...


Jillian said...

congrats on the bieber tickets! I'm not the biggest fan but next time he's in saskatoon you can bet I'm stalking him!

Stacie said...

This whole post had me in stitches, I felt like I lived through it with you!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the snow, Jillian! So glad you got your wish to see Bieber, whoo hoo! Just make sure the snow lays off for Sunday and Christmas Eve. Or, as you know, you're preaching, ha, ha.

Beth W said...

Have a great time! :)
And enjoy that snow....take pretty pictures for us!

Connie said...

YAY for Bieber.

Is that how it's spelled?

I'm not up on the Beebs.



Oh forget it.