Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Won :)

I’ve been trying all morning to think of just how to write a post this morning that properly communicates how THRILLED I was with my Sens last night;  just how entirely, tingly, happy they made me when they battled back from being down 2-0 early in the first period, to take the game and a 2-2 series tie with Kyle Turris’ goal in the early going of Overtime.

I mean, if that had happened on Monday?  I probably wouldn’t have cared that I had to spend half an hour searching the parking lot for my car.

It was one of those magical moments for Sens fans.  I went to bed with a huge grin on my lips, and hopes stirred once again that this team might actually have a shot of getting out of the first round vs. the New York Rangers.

I’m not sure if I can truly tell you just how much I’ve fallen in love this team.  I’ve never stopped being a Sens fan, but I’ve discovered a passion for the game – and for them - like I haven’t felt since they went to the Cup finals in ‘07.

The good news?  I don’t have to struggle to find the words to effectively share just how amazing this team is; how fiercely proud they make me.

Because I found a blog that already did so, just perfectly.

Please check out The Great Senators Family Group Pogo of 2012, courtesy of Black Aces

That’s it.  Right there.  That’s exactly how I’m feeling about them today.


God, I love them.



Anonymous said...

That's been a fun series! I will be shocked if they can beat NY in the first round. I hope they do though!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I know you are so happy!!! YAY!!!


Jo said...

The only thing I know about Ice Hockey is that it's hockey played on ice .... but I know how exciting it is when your team makes a great & unexpected comeback


Jodie said...

So happy for your team!
Have a good weekend!

Stacie said...

I'm not a hockey watcher, but I do know that euphoric feeling that you get when your team wins. It is awesome!