Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday

  • Pinning.  That’s right.  I’ve finally fallen victim to Pinterest.  I signed up a while back, played around with it a bit, thought “meh, whatever”, and kind of forgot about it.  In the past week or so, though, I’ve been pinning.  A lot.  Especially recipes, which I’ll probably never make.  Are you on Pinterest?  If you care to follow my boards, you can find me here.

Pinterest Logo

  • The other day, I pinned this picture in anticipation of seeing The Vow on Tuesday night with some wonderful friends.  It makes me grin every time I look at it.

Pinned Image

And, after seeing the movie, I know now that I totally, completely, 100% agree with this statement.  It was probably the most unbelievable part of the movie.  Not even Rachel McAdams – who I adore – could convince me that someone could wake  up from a coma and just not be in love with him anymore.  Uh-uh, not possible.  That’s more like a dream come true than a sentence.

  • Foodgawker.  It’s like Pinterest, but for food only.  People share pictures and descriptions of recipes they’ve tried.  When you click on the picture, it takes you directly to the blog or website where the recipe and instructions can be found.  Once you sign up, all you have to do is click on the little heart below the picture to “save” the recipe to your Favourites.  I’m using some inspiration from there to make snacks for the weekend – finally going to try out “Crack Dip”!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Looking forward to a “snow day” tomorrow.  I was planning to go on a shopping spree on my day off – for groceries, and a few other “me” items, like nail polish, Breaking Dawn on DVD…you know, stuff like that.  But I’ve decided to just do my groceries after Zumba tonight, and save the trip to Wally World for some other day.  My new plan, due to the forecasted 10 cm on it’s wasy -  is to hunker down, make hot chocolate, watch movies, prepare some snacks, and wait for my Book Club pals to arrive in the evening.
  • Book Club.  This month, we’re discussing The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I read it last summer and looooved it.  But, beyond the book?  I’m just excited to have some friends in, enjoy some yummy food and some girl talk.  It’s been too long.
  • I’m loving the thought of hanging out at the curling rink on Saturday with family & friends.  My brother and brother-in-law, as well as some of my friends, are going to be curling in a bonspiel.  Do I watch the curling?  No, not really.  But some of the best times I’ve had are sitting around up there, chatting & laughing.  Can you tell this is the sort of thing I’ve missed so much…and crave to do more of?
  • I’m loving this little guy:

My friends Stacy & Ricky welcomed this adorable little bundle early Wednesday morning.  Tanner was born at 12:10 AM, weighing 9 lbs. 2 oz.  I went up to visit them at the hospital last night, and literally wanted to bring Tanner home with me!!  I can’t wait to visit him again, and to see how his big sister Maddy interacts with him. :)  (Picture stolen from his Auntie Shannon’s Facebook.)

Since I’m off tomorrow, and I’ll be so busy doing lazy-day things, I won’t likely be around the blog…so have a wonderful weekend, everyone!! :)


Anonymous said...

He melts my heart - he is too damn cute!! How did you like the old man faces (to go along with those old man hands)? LOL! What's in the "crack dip"?

Anonymous said...

How exciting about Tanner! Erin and I just got back from hearing the heartbeat of ours. Hard to believe ours is only three months away!

Beth said...

Hahaha! Welcome to the addiction. :D

Date Girl said...

Sounds like a great night! I haven't had a fun night like that in awhile. I wish I had a book club!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad there are 3 of you that are friends... that way I keep up on all the latest going ons! I've been wondering about Stacy but now I know :)

Stacie said...

A cozy night in with friends sounds perfect when snow is on the way!

Lindsay said...

Ah...How was The Vow? I've been dying to see it! Tanner is so cute! I can't wait to meet him! Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday!! See you Friday night! xo