Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let’s Talk…The Voice. And Adam Levine. Yum.

Anybody else out there a fan of NBC’s The Voice?

I loved it last season.  And now that it’s back for Season 2, I’m once again totally hooked.

I love the premise:  Talented individuals and duos are invited to “blind audition” for the four celebrity judges/coaches – Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.


They sit in giant chairs with their backs turned to the stage, only able to listen to the singer, until the decide if they want that particular contestant on their “team”.  If they want them, they push their button and turn around to watch the rest of the performance.  If more than one of them turns around, the singer then has the option to choose which one of the celebs they want as their “coach”.  Each coach is to assemble a team of 12 singers, whom they will then mentor through the battle rounds until one talented performer is left standing and given the title of “The Voice”.

Cool, right?!

I’ve even got my mom into it.

I have to admit, though, despite the fact that I love the idea behind the show, there’s one other main reason I keep tuning in, week after week…

Adam Levine?  Sitting there, all sexy, in his “I WANT YOU” chair???

Hell yes.

humina humina

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. 

Really, Jill?  Thought you’d be more of a Blake Shelton kind of girl.

And you wouldn’t be wrong.  Blake is smokin’, too.

He’s an added bonus for tuning in to The Voice.  For sure.

But at the end of the day?

I’m Team Adam.

When Adam turns his chair around, and the contestant chooses another coach over him?  I’m always a little bit dumbfounded.  I know that if I was on that show, I’d be praying Adam would turn around for me and give me that sexy little “I knew you were awesome” grin.

So how about you?  If YOU were a contestant on The Voice, who’s chair would you be hoping would turn around for you?  Adam’s, Blake’s, Christina’s, or Cee-Lo’s?

If they all turned around, which one would you pick?


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allstarme said...

I vowed to watch this show this season and I have yet to. Now Ink Master? Yeah, I have totally gotten into that.

Johanson Family said...

I love this show too.... when I get the chance to watch-- gosh, if they all 3 turned? I know I wouldn't pick Cee Lo b/c I'd be too focused on his little hands.. I wouldn't pick Christina b/c her singing sortof bugs me and I might not pick Adam b/c he would be so damn distracting... I do like Blake b/c i enjoy country music.. I guess I'd pick Adam and pray I could still sing while drooling.

Jodie said...

I'm totally Team Adam and Team Blake!! I can't pick between the two!! Both of them are totally HOT!! :)

Jamie said...

Adam is soo cute!

Nicole said...

Mmmmk so I've never watched it.... if they all turn around, you have to choose one. Is there a different set every week? or do they get their team and go from there?

Connie said...

I have always been a Blake fan!

I like the show but i've only seen it a few times.

Stacie said...

I haven't watched The Voice, but Adam Levine is a hottie!

Impulsive Addict said...

I record it because I LOVE IT and Christina's big boobs. Seriously, why are her boobs always hanging out? I don't think she's ever NOT had cleavage. I understand about flaunting what you got but COME ON!!

Adam is HOT but arrogant. But when you're that hot, I guess that doesn't matter. HAHHA!

Thanks for linking up Miss Jill!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Princess Nagger and I LOVE watching this together! It's a toss-up between Adam and Blake - but if it were to come down to fighting you for one or the other, I'd let you have Adam and I'd take Blake. I'm cool like that. ;)

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Crissy Durst said...

Oh, you are so right! I have been in love with Adam since 2002 when I saw him drag his guitar down that hallway on the Harder to Breathe video, and he is sooo much better looking in person, so tall, so handsome! If I was on the Voice I don't think I could sing because I think he is the only man in the world I would have a tissey for.

Shawn said...

This is the first year we've watched the show (this is its second year right?) and we love it! I could do without Christina's obnoxious laugh and her run-a-way boobs but I love everything else about it!

Thanks for lining up with us girlie!

Natalie said...

We don't get 'The Voice' here in the UK (yet.. the British version starts in a week or two and the judge line up sucks!) and I can't sing for toffee- however, Adam Levine, in a chair, looking at me? Singing would be just about the last thing on my mind! Moves Like Jagger video? Yummmmm.