Thursday, February 02, 2012

It’s Thursday? Let’s go random.

  • I’ve set up camp at my mom’s these days.  With my dad still in ICU, and us unsure about what each day will bring for him, I decided to hang with Mom as much as possible.  But I’m starting to miss my own bed.  And Dad was doing well yesterday.  So last night, I said to Mom, “I think it’s about time I move back home.”  Her eyes about popped out of her head.  “NO!” she exclaimed.  I was confused.  “Really? I thought you’d be okay with it.”  She shook her head, looking a little horrified.  “Where would we put all of your furniture???”  I sighed.  “Mom, I meant move back to my place, not move back here permanently!”
  • I’m pretty sure I should be insulted by the look of relief that crossed her face.
  • That being said, there does seem to be a bit of a history in our extended family of grown, adult “children” moving back in with their parents.  So I guess I could understand her concern.

  • I’ve neglected my place pretty badly since Christmas.  It needs to be cleaned in the worst way, and I need to re-stock the fridge before I “move back in”.
  • I also need to clean my fish tank.  The slime is building, and the fish aren’t really visible anymore.  I go in once a day to feed them, and I’m always relieved to see they’re still swimming.  Told you guys I have gangster fish.
  • Oh, and another reason I haven’t really bothered moving back to my place yet?  The TV is on the fritz.  Again.  Remember how I used to say I had to wiggle some chords when it decided to go all herky-jerky?  Well, the last time I did that, I yoinked the chord right out of the end attached to the satellite dish.  So all I can watch there are DVDs.  *sigh*
  • and I are about to fall out.  I zipped the first season of Prison Break a long time ago and put it at the top of my list.  They keep skipping it and shipping me other DVDs instead.  All well and good, because I zipped them too, but what I really want right now is Prison Break.  Seriously,  Is Season 1 of Prison Break THAT popular right now?!

  • I would be switching to Netflix in a heartbeat.  But that would require me getting Internet at my place.  Which would mean I’d have to leave the Dark Ages.  And I’m just not sure I’m ready for such a big step.
  • The best part of my life in the past three weeks?  Watching the All Star Draft on TSN, and when they asked Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators, after being drafted first overall by Team Alfredsson, if teammate Jason Spezza would be mad that he got picked before him, or happy for him.  Karlsson said, very clearly, very distinctly: “No, Spezza’s PISSED.”
  • I think even my dad would’ve got a kick out of that.


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I've been HOOKED on Prison Break since just before Christmas... there are 80 episodes and I just started the 3rd season last night... I *think* it could be a the very top of my fave shows EVER! We watch it on Netflix! LOVE Netflix!

Nicole said...

Haha, we're contemplating moving back in with my parents.... sounds like fun huh :)

Stacie said...

Wait, no TV or internet at your house...and you are going back??

Hope your Dad is on the mend.

Date Girl said...

lol, that's so funny she thought you were moving back in. It's funny because sometimes I get the feeling that my mil would love it if we lived with them. My parents on the other hand would hate it! They like the visits but they definitely like their space. I'm the same way!

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!