Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Way-Late Survivor Recap

I had big plans for my Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 1 recap. I was going to take notes and everything. It was going to be the best blog ever.

But then, I ended up watching it in bed at 10 PM last Thursday night, after the Sens game was over, so I decided to forgo the note-taking and just lock all the details I wanted to talk about in my steel-trap of a mind, then blog about it on Friday.

Friday came and went, and I completely forgot. I remembered on Monday, but by then Blue Rodeo happened, and I've kind of been caught up in them and Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson ever since.

So Episode 2 goes tonight, and you're just getting my recap today. And it's like swiss cheese - full of holes, 'cause I forget half of what I wanted to talk about!

One thing I do remember clearly: Colby's hotness. The boy's still got it. He's ideal. He's perfect. He's everything I've ever dreamed about it a man. He's amazing.

That being said, in the first luxury challenge, which they sprang on the Heroes and Villains moments after being marooned on the beach by army choppers, Colby was owned. By Coach, no less. It was a tough pill to swallow. The challenge saw two members of each tribe going against each other in one of the most physically demanding games Survivor contestants have ever played. They had to scour a section of sand to find a buried bag, then race back to their mat with it. There were no rules. The other team could do anything to stop you once you had that bag in your possession.

There were some intense battles. Steph dislocated her shoulder and had to have it popped back in by medical staff. Rupert broke his toe. Villain Sandra (who I detest) even un-hooked Sugar's bathing suit top during their melee in an attempt to stop her. She should've known that Sugar wouldn't be stopped by such a petty trick - she grabbed the bag, raced to the mat, everything hanging out, then turned and flipped Sandra the bird - with both hands. I'm not a Sugar fan, but I loved that moment.

But my poor Colby. He managed to get his hands on the bag, but no help from his teammate Tom was available, as Russell had Tom literally turned into a pretzel. That left Colby and Coach to duke it out over the bag. Colby never let it go, but somehow, Coach managed to drag him all the way to his mat. I have to admit, even if Colby won't - it was a little embarassing.

Now, I missed Tyson's season so I was unfamiliar with him going into the game, but after hearing his comments about Colby and Coach's battle, I now know why he's a Villain. And I developed an instant hate for the man. He said he could imagine how Colby felt after Coach rode him to the wrong mat - that he had lost all his masculinity, and that he should just become a woman. God, I hate Tyson. Making his comments even more ridiculous was the fact that the guy strutted around in a skin-tight leopard-print bathing suit. EW. And he's calling Colby a woman???

Overall, I found the entire episode very entertaining. It's such an awesome mixture of past contestants - so many big personalities, so many strategies - and it's only just begun!

And the first showmance brewing? Would you believe - Jerri and Coach? My, how the girl has changed directions from her first season in the Outback, when she hunted Colby, clearly desperate for him. Now, 10 years later, she's got sparks flying with Coach - who, in my opinion, is the complete opposite of Colby, in both looks and attitude. Strangely enough, I think Jerri and Coach might be just perfect for each other. And maybe he'll distract her away from her vendetta against Colby, which apparently she's still got on her mind.

Someone else wanted to get some lovin' in Samoa, and that was Sugar, who set her sights on the ever-goregeous Colbster. Could I blame the girl? Absolutely not. However, after a night of chasing Colby around their shelter, Sugar didn't take the hint. Colby was avoiding her at all costs. She'd snuggle up against him, and he'd move. She'd find him, and cuddle up again. He'd move. Colby eventually ended up leaving the shelter to sit by the fire, and guess who joined him? Seriously, though, no matter how pathetic and desperate it looked, I had to smile - Lord knows if I was out there, I'd be doing the same damn thing. ;)

The Heroes came strong out of the gate and won that first challenge, receiving flint to start a fire. They hit their beach confident and ready to work - they all pitched in, getting their shelter built, a fire started, and they even caught a bunch of chickens. As expected, the Heroes were off to a great start.

But as it turns out, it wasn't so terrible to be a Villain. Sure, they spent more time scheming and plotting instead of working on shelter, but they managed to get fire going thanks to Boston Rob's persistence, and after losing the luxury challenge, they went into the immunity challenge with something to prove.

The Heroes jumped out to a big early lead, paddling their boat together as if they'd been doing it their whole lives. They got out to their flame and brought it back to the beach long before the Villains. However, then they had to complete a puzzle, in which they got completely bogged down. The Villains caught up, and thanks, once again, to Boston Rob's calm under pressure, he and Sandra were able to get the puzzle done and the Villains blew by the Heroes to win immunity.

Are the Villains right? Are there too many big egos on the Heroes' side for them to do any damage as a team? They could be right, but I think there are some pretty big egos on the bad guys' side as well. Boston Rob? Russell? Coach? Sandra? Jerri? Tyson? These people are pure evil and I think it's only a matter of time before they self-destruct.

It will also be intersting to see how much of a role past relationships will play in the game. They're already starting to touch on it a bit - Stephenie and Tom have played together before, Cirie and Amanda have played together before, James and Parvati have played together before, Jerri and Colby have played together before... these past relationships are bound to have an affect on the game.

At the end of the day, it was Sugar who was the first to go. She annoyed Colby, she cried when they lost the challenge, and several members of her tribe felt she wasn't mentally prepared for this go-round, so they said good-bye...and as Colby said, with all the different personalities out there, she won't be missed.

Looking forward to tonight - in previews, they show Boston Rob collapsing and the medical team being brought it. I don't think this has any bearing on Rob staying in the game at this point. I think he'll be fine, and that someone else will be going home tonight. If I had my wish, someone like Tyson would go. Or Russell. Or...oh, hell, there's too many bad guys out there. I want them all to go! Please, let it be a Villain tonight!!

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Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Great blog, Tyson's Banana Hammock was simply more than Wayne and I could handle without doubling over in sheer... BLEH.

And Colby was on Rachael Ray earlier this week, but he wasn't giving away any hints as to how long he stays around. He did say that as prepared as he thought he was, the game still threw in a complete different aspect to the challenges making it that they aren't prepared at all. Whatever that means.

Looking forward to tonight, hopefully Rob does stick around, I like him, I think he's smarter than he looks.