Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Blog Hits the Big-Time

Survivor re-cap is coming folks, but in the meantime...check out something pretty cool in my world...

My blog was quoted on Dustin Bentall's website! Wicked awesome! Check it out at www.dustinbentall.com

I still have my Dustin Bentall Outfit CDs in steady rotation in the Rav; in fact, I've listened more to them and Kendel Carson's album than my Blue Rodeo stuff since the concert. What a great night that was...

Special thanks to Meagan and Sarah for giving me the heads-up that my blog had made it to Dustin's webpage. I love it!! :)


Anonymous said...

that.....my friend, is way-cool...am I too old to use that phrase....seriously??!!

Anonymous said...

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