Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kick-Off to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

I haven't been this excited about Survivor in a really long time.

In fact, I haven't even really watched the show for the past two or three seasons. But tonight, it's the special 20th edition kicking off with past Survivor contestants being split into two camps - the Heroes vs. the Villains.

It's going to be an interesting season, for sure!

But before I go any further, I'd like to give special thanks to Survivor creator Mark Burnett for bringing back my beloved Colby once again. This season will be Colby's third. Imagine, it's been ten years since I first adored the man, when he outwitted, outplayed, and almost outlasted in the second season, Survivor: The Outback. He made what's now known as the classic good-guy move, after winning 5 straight individual immunity challenges, by choosing to take Tina with him to the finals instead of the unpopular Keith. It was a choice that cost Colby the $1 Million prize.

He returned for the All-Stars season, but he was the 5th sent packing, not even making the jury. Colby recently stated that his head wasn't in the game that time; that he was coerced into going by Jeff Probst, and went reluctantly. This time, though, he's there to see if he can still play with the big boys.

And let me tell you, with the familiar faces coming back, he's going to have his hands full.

The Heroes are:

Colby Donaldson
Rupert Boneham
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
James "JT" Thomas Jr.
Tom Westman
Stephenie LaGrossa
Cirie Fields
Amanda Kimmel
James Clement
Candice Woodcock

The Villains are:

Rob Mariano
Russell Hantz
Courtney Yates
Randy Bailey
Tyson Apostol
Benjamin "Coach" Wade
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Parvati Shallow
Danielle DiLorenzo
Jerri Manthey

So many strong players from past seasons - how would one even approach this game? What strategy is the best to take? There are professed liars, deviants, some of the most cunning players to ever take on Survivor. Four of them are past winners - JT, Sandra, Tom, and Parvati. Many others made it to the finals. Most of them had strategies that took them far in the game - sometimes, more than once, as for a few of them, this is their third kick at the can.

Who am I looking forward to seeing (aside from Colby, of course)?

Boston Rob is a former favourite of mine; he's leaving behind his wife (and former All-Stars winner, who he came runner-up to) Amber and their new baby to take on the game again. Rob keeps saying if their smart, they'll get rid of him quick - rumours on Survivor sites are that they do just that.

James Clement, the big, soft-spoken, sexy gravedigger is also making his third attempt at Survivor. The first time around, he was the man behind one of the biggest gaffes in show history when he was voted out while holding not one, but two unused hidden immunity idols. In the Fans vs. Favourites season, he was forced to leave early due to injury. James is just so hot, he's gotta stick around for awhile...

Rupert Boneham, of course, is a huge favourite for Survivor fans. Everybody loves Rupert. It will be interesting to see how he fares out against some of the heavyweights of the game.

Stephenie LaGrossa is another one back for her third attempt. Steph is heralded as the only Survivor who ever had to live alone. Her pathetic tribe couldn't win a challenge to save their souls, and it was whittled down until it was just her and Bobby Jon left. Meeting face-to-face in a fire-building challenge, Stephenie overcame the odds and beat out Bobby Jon. She spent a whole night alone in Palau before being merged in with the other tribe. She's one of the strongest females to ever play the game, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she does this time around.

And of course, Jerri Manthey...One of the first Survivor Villains to ever emerge. She is Colby's biggest nemesis. Jilted by him in the Outback, she came back in the All-Stars round with revenge on her mind. She was one of the main factors in his early departure. I'm hoping this time she will leave Colby alone - surely the girl must have bigger fish to fry by now? Interstingly enough, Jerri is one that I didn't think would return. She was so hurt by the boos and jeers at the All-Stars Reunion that she stomped off the set in tears. Has she grown thicker skin since then? 'Cause sweetie, you're still no fan favourite!!
Ironically enough, in the pool Stacy set up for a group of us, Jerri was randomly chosen as my player. MINE. How unfair is that?! I've hated Jerri Manthey from Day 1. I prayed that I would get Colby, but I end up with his arch-enemy. Agh!!!
Regardless of the fact that I'm supposed to cheer for Jerri, I know that won't be how it goes. I'll be rooting for Colby, no matter what.

I just can't wait for this thing to get rolling!!!


Stacy said...

nice blog - but what happens when Jerri brings you home the $200 - will you like her a bit then...??
I can't wait to see everyone back - especially on scenes and stuff and Pavarti making her comeback - will she be flirtacious like the past? Probably...

Jill said...

I found a couple of boot sheets today that list who the spoilers say will go, and in what order...according to them, Jerri will out-last Colby again... :(

But neither of them were pegged to be in the final 3...I'm very interested to see if the boot sheets are right!

Lindsay said...

Great blog!
I am so excited for this season too! Im thinking Pavarti with be flirtacious as ever! Being that she's my pick I hope it's to her benefit! Don't worry Jill, I'll try to get Ryan to not rub it in any once he remembers what player he got, ha ha !